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  • Hi there…
    I’m trying to import the .xml file from the local machine to my server.

    I get this following error
    Sorry, there has been an error.
    The export file could not be found at /var/www/vhosts/../httpdocs/wp-content/uploads/exportdata.wordpress.2012-06-09.xml_.txt. It is likely that this was caused by a permissions problem.

    I have my wp-content folder permission set to 777. I did changed to 775. But there is no fix. I did try to erase the DB and wordpress and did a clean start but there is no fix.

    Is there a fix for this or there is a bug with the import plugin? which I’ve installed?


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  • The local file was manually modified in notepad and the .txt file extension added on saveas..rename local file to file.xml and retry. Also make sure file was saved in proper format for import to your db.

    Well I’m using mac and the file what I see is not .txt. I use the TextWrangler to save it as .xml of Unix UTF8 format.

    So I’m sure it is not a .txt file after I exported from local computer. Since I’m not using windows or notepad and I don’t have to worry about the file format.

    But I’m sure there is something going on wrong during the import process. Any idea what that will be and how to tackle?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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