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  • Hi,

    I have been working on migrating web sites from atleast Drupal 6 to WordPress 3.7 and at one content type I got little stuck until I found your great plugin to WordPress which enables me to get book-like content.

    To accomplish importing Drupal books I have to identify also how the databas logic/relationships works for Organize Series.

    So far I have identified Three tables you are using which is terms, term_taxonomy and term_relationships.

    To what I understand I have this so far:

    terms table
    term_id = unique id for each series
    name = The name of the series
    slug = shortname for the book
    term_group = doesn’t needed so I set it to 0

    term_taxonomy table
    term_taxonomy_id = unique id
    term_id = pointer to the table terms and the field term_id
    taxonomy = series
    description = description of the series, not necessary what I know
    parent = this is not necessary to what I know so I set it to 0
    count = I do not know how important this is, so far I set it to 0

    term_relationships table
    object_id = pointer to the table posts and the field nid
    term_taxonomy_id = pointer to the table term_taxonomy and the field term_taxonomy_id
    term_order = not necessary so I set it to 0

    Now I end up with some problems:

    1. It only shows one post/node in each series
    2. Can not open any node/post in each series without error 404, I can fix that manually in each post to change URL but it would be nice if this plugin could use the default defined URLs by WordPress permalinks instead and not putting the posts directly under /series/slug or allow me to change URL with SQL script when I migrate to WordPress so the old books posts works with this plugin.
    3. I know this plugin do not support multiple series in one master serie with GUI but it shall be possible through code? I do not break any things with considering of future updates of your plugin.

    Hope I was describing well enough 🙂 Thanks in advance.

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  • Paid addons (including organize-series-multiples) are available at

    Organize Series uses the default WordPress taxonomy system which includes the core taxonomy tables that you listed. There IS one custom table that organize series creates (orgseriesicons) which is only used for keeping track of images attached to series.

    You’d be best to read up in the WordPress codex about taxonomies and custom taxonomies (which is what Organize Series is) here:

    Thanks for your reply.

    If I am understand you correctly, what you are saying is this?

    1. That I have to pay for an addon to use this plugin with series inside series?

    2. I know already about WP Taxonomy, that was not the issue but how you have made own adjustments to fit the plugin, but you answered a little bit with that extra table for graphics.

    3. I never got any answer about how I can stay with using default URL:s in WP or change your plugins /series/slug which I do not wanna use.

    1. yes
    2. Organize Series uses the custom taxonomy system in WordPress with no “adjustments”. Anything you expect with the WordPress custom taxonomy system in WordPress is what you can expect from Organize Series.
    3. The answer to your question has less to do with Organize Series and more to do with understanding how WordPress rewrite rules and custom taxonomy system works. Because again, Organize Series just plugs into the existing WordPress system.

    As for changing the “series” slug. You can do so on the Organize Series Options page with the “Series Custom Base” option. Keep in mind that will only apply to the url structure for series archive pages.

    I realize you are coming from Drupal and learning WordPress and I wish I could take the time to help you with how WordPress permalinks/rewrite rules/custom taxonomy system works but unfortunately, time is a commodity I don’t have much of right now. Please see this page regarding the options you have for getting your questions answered in more detail

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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