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  • Hi All, first of all, please excuse my poor english!
    I use Wp-types to create my custom post and fields I created a repeated field which save in the postmeta table multiple lines of the same field
    wpcf-mission==> Mission 1
    wpcf-mission==> Mission 2

    My question is How can I import all the multiple values for this field?
    Kind regards

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  • Bump! But im using Product CSV Import Suite

    hmmm. have you tried having multiple columns with that meta_key as the title? I honestly haven’t tested this, but that would be the logical way to do it.

    Hey bheadrick,
    Im sorta having the same problem, are you suggesting that meta_key should be the column name and having each value from that array as the meta_key::value? I tried searching for the word meta_key in the csv_importer.php file but can’t seem to find that string anywhere in the file




    Hello zaydB,

    I am also looking for solutions of exactly which you want:

    What i have tried:
    for e.g My custom field type is “Checkbox” — Name – “cities”
    so , in csv i added column “cities” and added comma separated values there!

    But didn’t get success.

    Please Share you solutions if you found it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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