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  • I’m running Coranto on a news site ( ) and after converting my MT blog over to WordPress I’d really like to try using WP on that site. I’ve got a lot of entries to convert over, however, and I’m wondering if there’s an easy way.
    Coranto stores its data in plain text, delimited by two backticks and an x (yes, weird) in this order:
    subject, author, content, entrycode, date, category.
    Date is stored in Unix Timestamp format. It *should* be easy for someone with the know-how to create an import-coranto.php, but I don’t have the skills.
    Entrycode is just a unique identifier for the story and should be ignored.
    Can anyone help with this?

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  • Can it export to RSS?

    Only a summary, not a full export.

    I was wondering if somebody could follow up on this? I too have a coranto file that I’d like to bring over to WordPress.

    I have Coranto as well and would love to see if there is something available. 5 years worth of news postings would take me a while. 😉

    That said, it should be possible to do a custom RSS feed profile in Coranto to generate the necessary data… I’ll take a looksee and see if I can figure it out.

    If anyone else has something that works now, it’d be most appreciated… well, by at least 3 people. 😉


    Only thing about importing with RSS feeds seems to be that it’s not good with comments….

    I was able to import my Coranto entries using a very heavily customized RSS feed. As vkaryl pointed out, there will almost certainly be an issue with comments – however none of my posts had comments so it didn’t matter.

    If somebody wants more detail, please post here and I’ll try and write out what worked for me.

    I’d love to see how you did it. If you can post it that’d be awesome.

    Once I can get the RSS import feature to work for me, I’ll be able to have a go at importing my history in preparation for my site’s rerelease with the WordPress backend.

    I’m currently experiencing an issue with all of the importers in WordPress 2.0.1. Grrr…


    First, you’ll need to download the “RSS File Advanced” addon from the Coranto website. Then, you’ll need to modify it so that it won’t snip anything. Do this by replacing all the “0, 100”, “0,500” with “0, 2000000”. This will keep it from snipping your entries.

    Then remove line 126 with is this piece of code: $newsht = substr(HTMLstrip($des), 0, 20). “…”;

    This keeps the feeder from stripping html. You will need to go back in your RSS feed and replace all the > with actual >, etc.

    Upload the addon and then activate it with a new profile. You’ll have to create one TSS feed per category and import them one category at a time. In the profile, go to item information. Item title should read <Field: Subject>. In the Item link put the word “blank”. In the Item Description field put <Field: Date> <Field: Text>. Next, generate your RSS file.

    Edit your RSS file as appropriate for your blog. Make sure to enter your category name in the RSS feed. Then import it.

    Sorry if that’s not easy to follow, but it should at least get you in the ballpark. I know nothing about Perl or PHP, so I can’t get any more technical than what I have. Give it a try and I’ll try and help if I can.

    This looks like a winner… I had tried as a test to import without mod’s to the RSS plugin in Coranto, and had some undesired results, IE: Everything imported with the current day as the date and with a snipped body and some funky HTML. Your fixes above appear to resolve all of these issues.

    Fortunately I never implemented multiple cats in my main news site, so that’ll make things easier.

    In my test, it took about 5-10 seconds or so per entry to import, did you experience the same thing? I’ll have to go make a sandwich when I do the import as I’ve got about 560 entries to import. 😉

    Again, thanks for your help!


    Well, that worked… almost! I think there’s something goofy with the date recognition, because it was defaulting to the current day for all of my posts, (I stopped it after 2 showed up wrong).

    How was your date formatted? I bet it’s just wrong in my defaults for the field.

    Thanks, I’m almost there!


    earthgolf, when you say “Edit your RSS file as appropriate for your blog. Make sure to enter your category name in the RSS feed. Then import it.”

    what exactly do you mean. What do I need to edit in order to get the import into a specific category?

    Thanks for your help

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