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  • I’m trying to switch my site to .org. I’ve finished all of the steps successfully but now I keep getting error messages when trying to upload the .XML file of me previous blog content.

    At first I kept getting the fatal error message because of too little memory, so I edited the php.ini file to increase upload size. Now it is saying Internal 500 error. I’ve confirmed with my web hosting several times and I have plenty of allowed memory and everything is functioning on that end. I’m clueless at this point.

    In the meantime my blog is in limbo somewhere because it can’t be uploaded at and it can’t be seen on because it is being redirected to

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  • I’m seeing what looks like a working site. Did you get it figured out?

    Thanks for the reply, I ended up importing without selecting the Download and Import Attachments option and it seemed to have worked. The only trouble is that when I try to reinstall the theme as I had it from my previous, everything is jumbled, and doesn’t view the same way. I just seem to be having the worst trouble.

    Check the version numbers between the theme you were using and the one you installed on the new site. You may need to install a different version of the theme. Just a guess as I have nothing to look at. Is it a purchased theme?

    This is the same theme I was using. I downloaded and installed it for I tried to copy the style sheet from my .com account into the editor and it wouldn’t work.

    This is my site currently. The social media icons are showing up next to the About bubble, which I actually kind of like, but the issue lies in the fact that the rest of my widgets are jumbled at the bottom with the footer.

    My sidebar coding is as follows:
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    I thought maybe the width of my photo was the issue but I have it set to 225

    I’m a little in over my head and I’m slightly regretting not paying someone to set this up for me.

    I can’t tell you that I think this will work, but try reinstalling your theme (so that the style sheet will be back to normal.),installing this plugin and pasting your css into the area in the admin that it gives you(this is the plugin that uses, so it should be familiar.) This is just a hunch. If it works, I’ll explain why, if not, we’ll try something else.

    I posted a new post, went to run an errand and I’ve come back and now my site is totally gone! What the heck is going on?

    It’s still there. I just checked. Try refreshing your page.

    I’ve refreshed, cleared my cache, and tried visiting the site from my most recent post linked from my Facebook page and it keeps going to the barebones “Just another WordPress site”. Web I login to my admin panel it shows no posts, no plugins, and no themes.

    I just got there from the link you provided This is kind of weird. Make sure you are loging in at and tell me if you’re getting the same results.

    I’m logging in directly from the link to the admin panel and everything is gone. It’s back to saying welcome to your WordPress site. WordPress support said that it may have been a plugin that caused it, but all of the plugins I installed were from Its scary to think a simple plugin would cause my whole site to disappear.. I can reinstall again but what do I do to prevent it from happening again?

    I’m not sure how to help you since this is what I’m seeing after clearing cache, and in three different browsers on two different operating systems. My only conclusion is that we have to be looking at different things.

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