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  • I currently have my blog hosted on,( Is it feasable to import my blogs posts into wordpress? And by that I mean either on my own server or on this one. Also I do have my own domain name,, can I hook that up to it? Thanks

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  • acoolblog-
    Yes, it’s very easy to import from Blogger to WordPress. There’s even a modified script that imports Blogger comments (google “skeltoac blogger import script” to find it).

    You’ll need a webhosting account with a provider that supports PHP and MySQL. A domain name is required for using WordPress (or you can use a subfolder of another domain name, but you still have to have physical hosting.

    Check the codex for more info.

    where can I find more info about it, like how to do it?

    Actually, if you’re using WP2.0, just click “Import,” and you can do it all from within the WordPress control panel.

    It is quite easy. I did it with mine. The only thing it didnt import were my links to other blogs and sites. Any suggestions on how I can add these to by WordPress blog?
    I am using Journalized Sand 1.00 Released 13 Mar 2005 theme, which doesnt allow for modifications to the rightcolumn.php.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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