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    this morning i’ve attempted to move three wordpress installs from MT to godaddy. i did clean installs and then export/imports of the xml files.

    the first required me to import the xml file twice, but got all the posts and attached images.

    the second 10+ imports to get all the data and only imported about 20 images out of 85. the posts had images showing up, but were simply referencing the old site.

    the third import simply brought in the post data, but did not import any attachments and all images were referencing the old site.

    while i found several threads that were similar, it seemed like many of them were old, closed or different enough that it warranted a new thread.

    any help is appreciated.

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  • Same here. Not working at all.

    Same problem here. I saw a post that suggested first changing permissions on your /uploads (or whatever name) attachments folder, but this didn’t help.

    Can someone with actual, successful, RECENT experience with this weigh in here?

    I don’t really understand the point of a “Download attachments” checkbox if it doesn’t work coming from



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    @ixwa: This topic is almost a year old! Please post a new topic describing your issue(s).

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