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  • chaimsem2


    I have been looking around and couldn’t find a solution.

    Is there a way to take multipl API’s from reviews sites like Google, FB, Yelp, Trustpilot, Feefo etc… etc…

    Then import that information into separate posts on an on going basis, into the right cats, with appropriate title, permalink structure, and w.e else.

    Anyone have an idea of what to look at to get this done? (review plugins and themses are not a solution as they only provide the main review sites and I have not found one that splits them into posts + the other functions I am looking for).


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  • Joy


    There were paid plugins for this sort of thing 10 years ago. And there are some old free plugins in the repository. (maybe even some newer ones; I haven’t looked)
    The Simple Pie library is useful for this, and it is bundled with WordPress.
    If you aren’t finding a free plugin, that might be because it’s something people want to charge for, or it’s not great for SEO to duplicate content so it’s not worth doing.

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