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    Mastering the settings of this plugin is a challenge!

    My situation: I’m collecting photos from photographers of religious heritage sites in Gironde (France) and importing them into WP Photo Album Plus. Once imported, I would like for the photos to be organized by photographer, commune (town) and place of worship. I will then want to select the photos of a place of worship by commune and optionally by photographer. There are half a dozen photographers, hundreds of communes, over a thousand places of worship and tens of thousands of photos — far too many to do anything manually (like creating albums, applying tags or categories). Ideally, everything gets created or set during the import process.

    Currently the photos are organized on my PC into a hierarchy: photographers => communes => places of worship. However, I think the most reasonable organization of the photos in albums is by communes with the places of worship as subalbums with the photos having the photographer as a tag. This means I could import the photos one photographer at a time if that helps with applying a tag.

    We’re still photographing places of worship, so will need to upload more photos from time to time.

    If this makes sense in WPAA, how do I achieve it using Import?

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    I would recommend to use an ftp program to ftp the entire folder structure from your pc to you ‘depot’ in wppa.
    If you then import it, the directory structure will automatically be converted into an album-subalbum(-subalbum) structure.
    This import process will run a small period (30 seconds or so) and (because of the limited execution time of the server) then restart itsself to continue.
    Yuo can lateron add photos and albums as long as the filestructure stays the same as the album structure. The names of the albums will be the names of the folders.

    If the photographer is in the IPTC data (you must save EXIF and IPTC data during import/uplod, see Table IX-H7 and 8), you can use this data in the photo description using keywords (see: and ) This will make the photos searcheable on the actual iptc data.

    You can set default photo tags on a per album basis, and add categories to entire album (sub)trees.

    As a last resort, you can make a procedure e.g. to add tags to all photos according to your specific needs. I can help you to write the code required to do this. Examples are here: Only do this yourself if you are familiar with php programming, but, as i said, i can help you with this.

    > You can set default photo tags on a per album basis

    I’ll start a new support ticket about inheriting and applying categories and applying and adding tags to better understand these functions on the Edit Album Information screen.

    > As a last resort, you can make a procedure

    Interesting possibility! Thank you for your generous offer — where do you find the time? Since I am comfortable with PHP, I’ll spend time with the documentation and come back this thread when I have questions.

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