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  • Hi,

    i recently upgraded to a new hosting provider and want to migrate my wordpress site. i installed wordpress on the new host and imported the xml file from my old, which worked great. i am having difficulty figuring out how to export the database from my old site and import it into the new one. what is the best way to do this and how? will my theme, plugins and settings all come over? also, is there anything else i will have to do to make my new site identical to the one on my old hosting platform?

    thanks for your help,

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  • Not sure if you want to do a database restore if you already did the export/import thing.

    Might review Moving WordPress.

    i tried exporting the database in phpmyadmin and then importing it into the new site but i keep getting the following error:


    SQL query:

    — Table structure for table wp_commentmeta

    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_commentmeta ;

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1046 – No database selected

    please help!

    ok, so i was able to figure out the import problem. everything came in ok and looks good but when i go to my url, nothing shows up. it is just a blank white page. i had changed the url correctly in settings. what is going on?


    looks like none of my plugins imported. each one says it has been deactivated due to an error and that it does not exist. any idea why this happened?

    also, i started re-adding the plugins and things started working again but every link is dead. i can see the home page but every time i click on a link, it goes 404 error.

    PJ Brunet


    I stopped using PhpMyAdmin. Now I use MySQL Administrator, it’s a free program. No checkboxes or radio buttons, you just run a backup on your database, then restore it to your new host–more self-explanatory in my opinion, depending on your host’s config.

    So you figured out the import problem, don’t you want to share?

    You must first create a database and then import it.

    You will receive the “DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_commentmeta;” error if you just log into phpmyadmin and click import.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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