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  • After using several applications (particularly RadioUserland) I was initially impressed with WordPress but now I’m getting to the ‘pulling my hair out stage’.

    I’m a non-technie, but pretty smart out following a recipe, and atfer trawling these forums, FAQs and Documents are getting pretty damn annoyed at the badly written and updated documentation.

    Using the word ‘obviously’ always means you haven’t explained something correctly. Saying ‘simply make a call…..’ is not explicit! Ahhh!

    Anyway, importing files into WP went well (though links in headelines are lost) but I’m not impressed in how WP imports OPML. Do they have to be flat files? Do they require other modification in some way? Again not explained (I used the tool whcih allows importing – but randomised!!!!)

    Next – archiving. Tried several tools but ARCHIVING DOES NOT WORK. I read through and followed the instructions – but no archive template emerges when you attempt to write an Arhcive Index page – just the deafult and links templates appear…. Ahh

    One tool (the second recommened) by WordPress – DC-Nicer – affects categories but produces no archive. It’s buggy and is not being developed….

    I realise a paid version would be supported, but this seems an insidious lack of support in a leading product.

    Anyone out there to save my hair?


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  • whooami



    How about dispensing of the commentary, and explaining exactly what youre trying to do that is proving difficult.

    And by the way, plugins are not necessarily reccomended, if youve located one via the codex. Thats a user-editable repository of links. Nothing there except for a few special ones (askimet, etc..) are by any means, reccomended.

    Since this much was clear, archives DO work, and there are 500,000+ WordPress blogs that prove this out. So its your implementation that is wrong.

    Exactly, what sort of archives are you trying to achieve?

    OPML, schmopml, cant help ya there.

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