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    I am having some trouble figuring out step 5 in the installation process.
    I have purchased and installed gravity forms and also installed the ridehare plugin. I have a page set up with the rideshare short-tag [ridesharelist]. How do I implement the gravity form on that page?

    It looks like the link to “Gravity Forms Custom Post Type enhancement plugin” doesn’t work that is listed under the installation tab.


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  • Just an update, I got the gravity form implemented, and exported the XML so all is good there. Will I submit the form though the results aren’t displayed. I just see the message “There are no rideshares available at this time.” How can I debug this?

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    The GF CPT enhancement plugin is essential to the connection between the form and this plugin. It allows the GF form to create a CPT entry which is what the [ridesharelist] short code is looking for. Not sure why that isn’t working for you as it is tested to work with the latest version of GF, WP and Rideshares. Get that working and your issue should be resolved.

    the only field that isn’t mapping properly is contact. When I am logged in as admin there is a hyperlink that shows up to the admin email address. When I am not logged in this area is blank. I created two new fields in GF for name and email address, and these two fields are not mapping correctly when displaying in the rideshare table. Please let me know what I am doing wrong or how to de-bug.

    how there are several fields still not displaying in the rideshare view. I have done research on the custom post types and I have that installed, but not sure how to map the fields that aren’t displaying properly.

    idealien_ridehshare_name, idealien_rideshare_email and idealien_rideshare_returnDate are the three fields that I have form values for, but not displaying in the Rideshare table.

    Please assist!

    any help?

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    Is the data being captured via the form?

    • Check that your fields (in GForm) are mapped to custom fields in the CPT?
    • If you view a submitted rideshare via admin console does the data display on that screen? What if you also display custom fields (via the Screen Options tab in upper right)?

    If your data is in the CPT entry and you are working with new fields, you’ll have to customize the plugin to display your output in desired manner. It sounds like you’d want to look at the function idealien_rideshare_shortcode around lines 1300 – 1320 where the user info / link is generated. I had made some progress on a more advanced notification system supporting BuddyPress but that might relate to your issue.

    think you’ve experiencing (partly) the same problem as me, after logging about everything i found the post meta was being saved properly, but immediately errased by the wp_insert_post method in the plugin.

    solution for me:
    – adding a nonce field in the meta box (in the form in the meta_options_details function):
    <?php wp_nonce_field('idealien-rideshare-postmeta','idealien_rs_nonce'); ?>
    – checking the nonce in the wp_insert_post function:

    // origination and intention
    if ( !isset($_POST['idealien_rs_nonce']) || !wp_verify_nonce($_POST['idealien_rs_nonce'], 'idealien-rideshare-postmeta') ) {
      // error_log('no matching nonce, get out of here!');
      return $post_id;

    & best to add extra checks to avoid messing up the meta on auto save & when a user isn’t supposed to edit the rideshare:

    // don't run this for autosaves
    if ( defined( 'DOING_AUTOSAVE' ) && DOING_AUTOSAVE )
    // quit if this user isn't allowed to do this
    if(!current_user_can('edit_post', $post_id)) :
    	return false;

    (must admit i’m working on a previously forked version of 0.1, but it seems the most recent version has this issue as well, pls correct me when i’m wrong)

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