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  • Hello. I’d like to implement structured data on my individual AMP articles to make sure search engines understand the relevance of my content. I have already done so for individual non-AMP articles, via custom fields. But when I look at structured data testing tool, I see that the AMP version does not “take” the markup from the non-AMP version of the same article. Do you know how I could do this, please?

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  • Plugin Author Mohammed Kaludi


    For structured data in AMP, it’s better to use JsonLD method, and we already have the schema with options in AMP.

    To take it automatically from non-amp would be tough nut to crack.

    What kind of schema you added in the nonAMP version of the site?

    Where does our current schema options fall short?

    Hello and thanks for answering. Maybe I’m missing the admin setting where I can fill in the JsonLD for each individual post. Anyway, if you look at the non-AMP version of this page’s microdata, you’ll see I’ve added “Article”, “VideoObject”, “MedicalCondition” and “Person”. To do this, I’ve applied the tips from this article.

    Can I apply something similar for the AMP version of my individual posts and pages?

    Am I missing the AMP option where I can add JsonLD for individual posts?

    No you can’t do this at present or at least not very easily. If you try to put json directly into the content it will not show up. This is because the whole point of AMP is to control what type of scripts get added. There is also no place in admin to put json into the header or footer areas of a page either – this would be an easy solution. I have asked for this feature on a few occasions. For example, it would make it possible to declare local business schema (json) in the header of a page which talks about a local business.

    What you need to understand is as far as I am aware and unless it has changed, to be an AMP page it has to use the article/blog posting schema anyway. So only embedded schema for local business, reviews, etc is of interest.

    The only way you could do this and I haven’t bothered myself is to write a filter in functions.php to conditionally test for specific pages and then insert the json into the header of that page manually.

    Now something to note and I don’t know if it is like this for all cases. I have a non AMP page with aggregate reviews markup using It is applied to the header of that non-amp page using json. The AMP page appears to inherit the markup in google search. In other words the stars appear on the AMP version in google search but the markup code doesn’t exist on the AMP page itself.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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