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  • Hi!

    For the past day I’ve been digging through Google, trying to come up with a way to implement a live update notification bar to my blog. I’ve come to an understanding that AJAX and jQuery are going to be the keywords in this, but I’ve not stumbled onto anything actually useful.

    The basic idea would be to generate something like the twitter “x new tweet(s)” bar with “post(s)” replacing “tweet(s)” in the wording and WordPress posts in my blog replacing twitter tweets as the object. It wouldn’t have to be as complicated, upon clicking, the link could just return home_url to refresh the home page and display the new post (no javascript needed there). Plus no fancy transition effects are needed.

    Does anyone know of a reasonable way to achieve this? I’m willing to dig into code if I knew it would work somehow. It’s surprising this topic isn’t massively discussed because it’s used on so many websites. Anyway I would appreciate all help.

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