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  • In short, I am setting up a website whereby there are say x amount of singers.

    Idea 1: to have a category for each singer, and a post for every song. This requires config per post. There are many mp3/vid files so will be many posts. I guess the advantage is for search engines etc.

    Jane Doe (cat) > I love you (post)
    Jane Doe (cat) > I love you less (post)

    IDEA 2: Not sure if this is possible with your plugin hence this message. I have one PAGE for Jane Done and have the pod plugin search a folder with all her songs in. Then create a playlist from that folder.

    My concern with Idea 2 is whilst it is great for users, in that they can stream all songs from one page,

    1) how will they know when NEW songs are added to the page??

    2) Is there a way to make a feed of this? is there some sort of RSS mechanism?

    I hope this all makes sense.

    So i think the ideal is one page for each artists, that dynamically builds up based on x amount of files from a ftp folder. This way the user does not have to click all over the show.

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    Building a page with a list of songs from a certain folder on the server automatically is not possible with podPress. Further I don’t know a plugin which can do this.
    On the other hand it is not recommendable to have only a page with with all songs of a singer. Pages are not visible in the RSS feeds – at least not without further measures (plugins etc.). Furthermore if you have more – lets say – 50 songs per page then you will probably notice that the editor page and probably the page itself does not load as fast as with 10 songs. But how big the effect is depends on the performance of your computer and the server of your blog.

    Idea 1 is the way to go. But even if you do it that way you can have a page with at least a certain amount of songs. WP creates category pages which show only posts of a certain category. Such a page/category has also an own feed by default. You can customize such feeds with the podPress Category Castings settings (Site Admin > Posts > Categories > Edit Category > podPress Category Castings).
    It is also possible to add a link to a category page to the menu bar of a blog (see

    Since you are starting with this blog, maybe it is worth to think about using custom post types for the song posts (see There are also plugins which should make it easier to manage custom post types like
    You need to activate the podPress box for the editor of each custom post type (see Site Admin > podPress > General Settings > (section) Post Editing > (option) “enable podPress for custom post types”).
    If you are using such a custom post type for the song posts then you can create a special template for the single post view of these posts. You can also define a custom template for the archive page of these posts. This way you can give these posts a very specific look.

    I understand the idea of having an automatic procedure to add songs to posts or to create an play list of files in a certain folder. But something like that is not part of podPress. (Well, there is the podPress XSPF widget which creates an XSPF playlist automatically of all podPress attachments ordered by date. But I guess that is not what your are looking for.)

    8.8.11 will have a file picker dialog which will make it easier to add the media file URLs to the posts. But I’m not sure when exactly this version will be ready. (It might take a few weeks.)


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