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  • I have some posts that contain absolutely no html, just text, that won’t show up at all on my blog, except for when I’m editing them. At first I thought perhaps a symbol was upsetting the html of the rest of the page, but after some tests, I realized it was due to the length of the post.

    I found to get around this I have to divide the entry into multiple posts for the text to display. Just to find the point that will allow the maximum length of the entry takes me around a dozen tries to get right.

    Now some may say you can comment out “add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’);” in “wp-includes/default-filters.php” or use the PHP Exec plugin and add <?php remove_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’); ?> to the top of the problem pages or posts, but the first means getting no line breaks in your post, and the second means allowing php in the posts, which I do not want to allow.

    Being that this a problem that anyone and everyone could encounter at any time, and so easily, I thought I’d bring it to light for WordPress developers.

    My suggestion for WordPress is to either have:

    1. something that counts down how many characters are left to use in the entry, or
    2. for when the user publishes the entry, have a message tell them that the post is too long and excess content will be displayed in an extra post. That way if he or she has a very long entry, there would be two or more posts of it, with the same title and something like (Part I), (Part II), appended.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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