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  • Hi there,
    I want to glue my right-hand link-menu together with my contend-roll. Both menus should be white so it looks like one big table. I’m a newbie to all this CSS, but I know it should be possible. Anyone who can help me for a few minutes?
    Furthermore I’d like a 1px blackborder around the whole thingy. Heres the site i’m working on – work in progress!
    Thanks a lot!

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  • It would be easier to help if the server of the site in question was running.

    it would be better if someone will be nicer. server is not in the individual’s hand…

    No criticism intended or implied.

    none taken! 🙂

    Just seen the site. Obviously got a little way to go on the layout. If the poster would care to put the css in the index temporarily the style gurus would have half a chance to help. There are going to be issues on this white bg depending on how you want the columns to run. A lot of folks here can help if they see the css.

    Sorry if i’m not clear about the CSS. How much should I post?

    the css is here:
    can see it in the header of the html page… =)

    Just to be sure I understand what you want: the left hand column to be adjacent to the right and for them to both be equal length (running all the way down the page)?
    Honestly, this can be kinda difficult to pull off. I recommend ALA’s response: Faux Columns. It’s what I use on my site and is pretty easy to set up.
    – Stephen

    My thought was to do it like the wonderful does it. One big column, all white. But the Faux Columns, as Stevarino suggests, is a great way to do it to. I might try that, ’cause I’m not that strong in CSS and PHP. But is it really THAT difficult?

    Nevermind! Thanks Stevarino – The Faux COlumns is in fact enough for me… thanks a lot… I looked a bit on and saw that she has used the same solution with a vertically tiled .gif.

    One satisfied customer in the design department then.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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