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    Gecko in firefox makes everything “strong” from a <strong/> onwards. I think this will not be fixed soon in Gecko (see also: XHTML1 Appendix C3). Rich Text editor should remove empty <strong> and <em> tags from its output.


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  • I agree. The rich text editor sometimes really messes up. The only solution I have found was to disable it.

    I agree – this is a real problem. The Rich Text Editor are for people knowing less of coding – and therefore its kind of comic that it messes up the code more – so that you have to know code more to remove the overflows.

    There is no Idea of having an Rich Text Editor that dont work anyway. Strange enough – I did not have this kind of problem using Editor Monkey.

    You *can* disable it and use the default WP quicktags. If there aren’t enough buttons for you, it’s very simple to add more in.

    Yes – but:

    1. It will still be possible to create duplicates of code-formats (em:s and strong:s for example) – only you see them easier. But if your a blogger that dont want to see code at all – thats not better at all. But still they want it to work of course.

    2. People who use the RTF WSIWYG usually do it cause the do not like code – right? Images/ symbols as buttons are nicer than textbuttons.

    Couldnt we just make a filter rule that makes empty strong and ems go away – like the one with breaks (although Im in favor of taking that rule out)

    just filter out </em> and </strong> if there is no <em> and <strong> before it.

    Now if you write “hey <strong>fatty</strong> hang <strong>
    loose</strong> cause everything’s ok” in the wysiwyg and save – everything look right:

    “hey fatty hang
    cause everything’s ok”

    But the – if you editing the post – marking “fatty” it will let the <strong> be left.


    “hey hang loose cause everything’s ok”

    instead of

    “hey hang loose cause everything’s ok”

    If you have a large page – it can make the whole page look very odd.

    People who use the RTF WSIWYG usually do it cause the do not like code – right?

    Well, I used to think so. But I’ve implemented WordPress many times – for paid clients as CMS’s *and* for personal bloggers – and I’ve been surprised.

    I’d have to say 100% of the clients I’ve done this for (by “clients” I mean paid and pro-bono – I consider *anyone* I do work for a “client” because it reflects on my work) have liked the quicktags and instructions I’ve made for them over the VRE. I’ve had clients that are more knowledegable have no problem with the quicktags the way they are. But I’ve had quite a few who are clueless when it comes to HTML, and even they like the quicktags. For those clients, I also add in a set of simple instructions on the “write post” and “write page” areas in the admin (I make them expand/collpase so they don’t take up a lot of space, either) and they’ve loved it.

    I find, I guess, that they prefer things that actually *work* the way they want them to, even if it requires a small learning curve – and I always try to make the learning curve as small as possible.

    Well – I have at least one client that was not happy with the quicktags when i Switched – but then again – once your tasted honey. It would be better to introduce them to the quicktags from the beginning.

    How do you make these expandeble instructions in the adminarea? Im intrested – that might help me out. Guess you hack it – so you have to hack it every update. Or is it a plug?

    I’ve considered making it a plugin – I just haven’t gotten around to actually writing it up yet (been too busy on the homefront) – but yeah, I have this simple little javascript that I attach to the wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php (for posts) and wp-admin/edit-page-form.php. I put the text I want at the top that explains everything, each section has it’s own little header list of links. For example, the last client I did this for had a lot of images she needed to float on the left and right side of her Pages. So I put in a link that said “images” right under the “Write Page” heading (before the quicktags) – so if she needed a reminder on how to utilize the”image” and “class” quicktags I had created for her, she just clicked the link. The instructions would pop out under the link on what to do. When she was done, she’d click the link again, and they’d fold right back up.

    It’s similar to the <!--more--> tag, but used in the admin area, I guess. It’s a script I’ve had for a while and used on various sites for expanding divs (like when people need to buy stuff, and divs fold out based on their choice of payment – that kind of thing) and I just decided to implement it in the admin area for clients. Works really well.

    Like I said, I have seriously considered writing it all up as a plugin, I just haven’t gotten around to it. Plus, I don’t know if anyone else really would *want* such a thing, you know? I see a few people ask for something similar every now and again, but I don’t know if there really is a huge demand for such a thing.

    But if you’re interested in it, I’d be happy to email you the script and a little bit of instruction on how to do it. It’s really pretty easy. (If you want it – you can go to my website and email me from the contact form 🙂 )

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