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  • I want to put a logo (PNG) in the PDF. Have used the following code for this.

    <img src=”link to the file” (I can’t paste the whole code because then it shows the file instead of the code.)

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

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  • ponyskp


    Are you using the full path to your file?



    Hi ponyskp!

    I’m using <img src=”[signature]”… This code refers to the shortcode for the signature addon for CF7.

    So there is no link, but a shortcode and it should work according to the addon maker



    I had the same problem with the pictures. I didn’t understand how to place them correctly into the document, because the discription is a bit confusing – i did not understand it.

    In my case, the gray temporary image file was always included in the document. So i found that image and replaced it by the image i wanted to use.

    This is how it works in my case:

    <img src="[url-file]" alt="Title of the Image"/>

    Then find the temporary image file in the Plugin directory:

    Replace this file by the one you want to use in the PDF – document.



    Hi janniskuehl,

    Thnx for your response!

    The problem is that the image will be different every time. It is a signature that the customer places on my website and I want it in the PDF. So I can’t look up one filename in the plugin directory, because the name will be different every time.



    Hey bryancamphens,

    I tried to reproduce your szenario and tried to get a solution for more than one hour. I was not able to make it work, too. I tried to place images uploaded by user as you explaned, but it doesn’t work. This was my way to try it:

    1. Added a file – field in the contact form:
    [file* filename]
    The Tag [filename] then appears in the Plugins Amin – Page right above the html-area where you can style the document.

    2. Wrote this in the input field on the plugin – page, where the plugin says you should write it in (also right above the html – area on the right side)

    3. Wrote this in the html – textarea:
    <img src="[filename]" alt="title"/>

    In the Preview, the “Temporary Image” is shown. In the PDF – Dokument, that is send by the Plugin, there ist a little black “X” at the position of the image.

    I wrote this on the inventors – Tutorial – Page. if i get an answer on that, i will post it here for you, If you find a solution before i do, please write it down here ;).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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