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    Since somewhat a year, I don’t develop anymore a wordpress plugin displaying imdb links on demand. Easy to use, it is a bit tricky to develop, and I don’t have enough spare time to continue the work. If you are an experimented wordpress plugin developer, this may be of interest. It has nothing to do with RunMovie plugin, which display movies’ references only to the admin.

    The purpose of the plugin is to create an internal link which, if clicked, will show information related to selected title. The end use is the easiest part : when writing your post, put your movie title into tags < imdb > < /imdb > (remove spaces). That’s all, when you’ll publish your post, the title will be a hyperlink which will open a (non intrusive) pop up. The pop up itself shows many usefull information. Look at how does it work in any cinema related page, ie idiocracy. Just click a content link, and explore.

    The bad part now: the plugin was under heavy construction. Comments code are mainly in french, and the code itself may be difficult to understand. Only half part is developped, since it still lacks the director part. It could take time ’til you be at ease with it.

    Well, that could bring to an end if it wasn’t one of the most exciting plugin idea I’ve ever seen. At least for those who among worpdress users, we wrote about movies…

    If you are interested in pursuing the development, download the plugin here :

    Good luck.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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