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  • Ok I think I like this plugin but I’m not sure 🙂

    Would this be an example of the plugin at work?

    If so, how would this work with a post? I’m working on a review site and part of the information provided would be really quite useful such as teh directed by, starring etc. Ofc ourse I only want this to be for film related posts.

    Say I wanted the said informaton to be provided at the end of the review, would that be possible? I’m not sure as to the flexibility and it’s usage so perhaps you can clarify for me.

    It looks very promising though, and if you can build something for books, games and music that would be more than welcome – I’m sure this is more difficult than it sounds though (Amazon are a good source for those items to drag info from :-))

    Yeah thats how the default pattern is set to copy into an post…

    Its quite simpel jinsan, right now its said to copy into the content of an post… (Try it out, you can always disable the plugin again)… I’ve wondered about maybe adding possibility to append to post, and “dont download local picture”.

    You define how the pattern is in the plugin file…

    I dont think I wanna do same thing with books and games (have seen some amazon plugins, but dont know if they can do what you want), i created this specific for my own DVD movie collection…

    Ah so at the moment it does add it’s own picture from IMDB? I never thought of that, that would be a feature to disable I would welcome as IMDB doesn’t have all the images for all films and I tend to keep a copy of the cover myself.

    I’ll look at the plugin with more vigour later, but it’s a very useful tool that I hope someone will emulate to cover other media.


    I just thought of something else, but how about the option to set the description as the excerpt of a post? Even if it doesn’t become the main post, whe it comes to archives it would probably provide a much better description than what a user would come up with.

    I am really interested in this plugin. I installed it but I don’t seem to get the link in my Quicktags. I am running 1.5. :/ Help?

    Do you get an javascript error skedoozy ? on the posting pages?

    Nope, not at all. I just get nothing. :/

    I use this in conjuction with another movie plugin! Thanks this works great!

    No clue as to why it’s not showing up? I’ve deleted it and re-uploaded and activated it 5 times and still nothing shows up on the write page under the qucktags.

    Skedoozy are you running it on windows or linux?

    Could you try to “view source” of post.php and see if

    function HandleMovie(movie)

    exists in the code?

    It’s Windows and I did the search of the source and and
    function HandleMovie(movie) is not there :/

    Skedoozy, I have never testet it on windows…

    Is it possible for you to make a phpinfo page?

    Create a file phpinfo.php with following content

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    And throw back the link here? 🙂

    Ya know what? It is Linux. I had a brain fart. Sorry about that haha. Can still give ya the info page if ya like. :/

    I would like that skedoozy 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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