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    A plugin called WP Retina 2X by Meow Apps creates retina images and detects when to display them. I can’t get Imagify to convert those images to the WebP format, even though all other images are being converted just fine.

    Does anyone know how to get Imagify working with WP Retina 2X?

    If not, could you recommend a combination of plugins that would create retina images and convert them to WebP? I have seen a few out there that I’m still researching. So far, nothing seems as simple and cost effective as Imagify and WP Retina 2X would be, assuming I could get Imagify to convert retina 2x images to WebP.

    I have reached out to both plugin developers, but don’t have a response yet. I will update this if I hear back from either of them.

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    I got a response from Imagify. Unfortunately, WP Retina 2X is no longer supported, but they may add support in the future. If anyone knows of another good solution for creating retina and WebP images, please let me know!

    Optimole might be one solution, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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    Hey @davidkonicek,

    Thanks for updating this thread.

    Just to share some further information about this so other users could see it as well.

    The problem happened since v1.9 of Imagify (when WebP feature was introduced) so these two plugins are not fully compatible anymore 🙁

    While it will not break things, retina images might not be optimized by Imagify.

    Since we have added WebP support in v1.9, there were many pain points that made troubles with WP Retina 2x plugin in order to keep it working as expected. We had to decide, and it was a hard decision not to focus on compatibility tasks at the moment.

    We definitely have this in mind for the future and will do our best to make it fully compatible. We still can’t give you an estimation, unfortunately.

    Best Regards


    What’s the best way now to prepare/handle images for retina devices?
    Is there a step-by-step tutorial or something?

    Why does the handling of retina images have to be so hard for all those image optimization plugins? Just posted this one here, for Shortpixel:

    Look at this:

    Not even 1 article in your knowledge base about retina?!?

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