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  • Photos I’ve uploaded to my site won’t show up unless I’ve logged into cpanel. This was never a problem when my website was written in simple html & css, just since I switched to WordPress a couple weeks ago.

    I’ve tried moving the image files around, thinking perhaps there’s certain directories WordPress can’t access without permission. No luck.

    The only image that works fine is the header image I uploaded, but my theme came with a designated folder for header images. My other images are also stored within my theme now, in the “images” folder. I don’t get it… all the images my theme came with are in the same folder and they display just fine.

    My website is So long as I’m logged into cpanel, my logo image displays properly beside the title of each page and post. My About page also displays my photo on it.

    That means it doesn’t seem to matter how my image is being called up. My logo is called up by page.php and index.php. The photo of me is called up by the html for my About page. Either way, neither image shows up without me logging in.

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  • well somehow you’ve set up directory protection or similar in the cpanel
    either search around and find it or contact your host
    wordpress does not do this

    ok thanks! I’ll contact my host.

    Actually I found the problem under something called “hotlink protection.” Didn’t even know what that was before…

    I too experienced this this yesterday. I had enabled cPanel Hotlink Protection about two weeks ago, so something else had created this problem. Anyway, this is only meant to block access to third-party sites who use your images, not the owner’s Firefox 3.6.8 browser.

    I could view the site images with IE or Chrome, just not with FF. I reinstalled FF but no improvement.

    By disabling hotlink protection, FF can view images again. There is some connection but I’d love to know what is the main reason.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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