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  • I installed this theme and noticed that the images were not being shown in the preview boxes on the first page of the blog..How do I fix this?

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  • Hi,

    Please provide your theme name and blog address here in order to get related comments..


    Shane G.

    I installed the “Brightness” theme and have the same problem as abonoda above.

    When I upload images to the posts, they appear only in the post when you open it but not as a thumbnail on the homepage, it just displays the default “No Image” on the homepage no matter what I try.

    I would also like to know how to get the images working on the home page, i aint sure where the images go. I ain’t seen a readme file anywhere.


    Ryan S


    the images are uploaded in your wp-contents/upload folder. Make sure this folder is created and your images are there..

    I dont think this is issue with the theme

    I’d already made the folder anyway, but how do i get an image to show on the home page in them boxes?


    Found a help page for the theme, it’s under arras theme.

    Ryan S


    Do you want to show the image in your posts? While creating a new post, you will find an option to add images to your post.

    Or if you want to add image to your theme, you can do this by editing the header, or index.php file and your CSS file. you need to have a fair knowledge of PHP and CSS

    we are having the same issue, with thumbnails not showing up on the front page or the slideshow. I’m going to check if using content/uploads works. If not, I’ll be back. (Because the theme does seem to imply that images attached to each post will appear as a thumbnail. THat doesn’t happen.) I’d be happy with either thumbnails of images showing up on the front page OR categories having a banner instead. Either works for me. And the slideshow working too.

    I want the home page to NOT show a black blank over each post. And I’d like the slideshow to work. Input please?

    I’ve this same problem (arras theme 1.3.4 on WP 2.7.x). The slide show doesn’t work (images aren’t slide, just text-box) and I’ve black blank boxes without imeges too.
    I uploaded images into wp-content/uploads but this still doesn’t work.
    Someone can help us?

    Yeah, I found this:
    It’s works!

    thanks for that link annaj. hmm, i still don’t get it to work on my site – – i’ve checked around in the php to see if there is some defined ‘get’ that is pointing to something else, but, not being an expert, i can’t seem to find it…

    do i need to spot the thumbnail generator and re-define some snippet of code?

    LSU2009 has right. Same problem I saw same situation after run on web server. We need to know why “thumb” if all procedure done correct – are not displaying on frontpage. Images are in good folder, paths are okey.

    For example code is:

    <img title=”Welcome World” alt=”Welcome World” src=”″/>

    Where problem can be?

    On local server ewerything working fine.

    I think I found the problem:):):)

    To solve this remember, after copying from local to web your webpage, check correct permissions for folders and files.

    How to:

    1. check file premissions for folder “cache”:
    Remember must be 777.

    Should be work!

    This has been a beneficial topic. First off, I’m new to blogging and trouble shooting theme’s. Second, I’ve just uploaded the “Arras Theme” for my blog at Finally, I’m having the same problem that others are having.

    I’m following the instructions provided by arras themes in posting thumbnails (; however, I’m having a similar problem that others are: the images are not showing up at all.

    For vapvap: how do I access the folder that you refer to in order to see that my “cache” is 777? Thanks in advance for your help!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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