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  1. Rebecca O'Brien
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I read through all the threads I could find on the forum (including the closed sticky at the top), but none of them fit my issue.

    If I insert an image into a post/page, and it is resized, it will not display. I have URL rewrite on, which I know is causing an issue. Below is more or less what is happening

    I insert <img src="http://www.mysite.com/wp-content/upload/1/2/image.gif" width="150" height="150" />

    WP Returns <img src="wp-content/uploads/cache/1b71d37d46c72d3e1896794714378b6d.gif" width="150" height="150" />

    Which wouldn't necessarily be a problem...except the browser then interprets it as an extension of the current URL, making it mysite.com/posts/post/wp-content/uploads/cache/1b71d37d46c72d3e1896794714378b6d.gif.

    I only get this problem on resized images. I can access the resized images by using the url (mysite.com/provided-url), and it does display in the admin panel. It's just on the front of the site that I get nothing. Anyone know a fix that will keep me from wandering around the source files?

  2. Rebecca O'Brien
    Posted 7 years ago #

    OK. I resolved this. My fatal mistake was assuming the plug-in deactivater actually worked. Even after deactivating an old image plug-in, it was still installed [and doing stuff] in the background.

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