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  • When trying to replace a header image in my theme I’m finding that newly added images to my theme folder via FTP are not being found. When a newly uploaded image is viewed in place of the original image it shows a broken image. When accessed directly by URL it returns a 404 error. The files are definitely on the server, and direct links to the files work when they are placed outside of the wordpress directory. Interestingly enough when I replace the original image with a new image with the same filename, the new image is uploaded and on the server according to my FTP client, but the image on the site remains the same as it was, and not broken. All images that I upload via FTP into the theme’s image folder produce this problem.

    Here is the direct link to the newly uploaded image which is definitely there but returning a 404:

    Here is the original image I would like to change, which is working:

    I uploaded the theme about a week ago and had no issues adding and replacing images via FTP. Not sure if something changed with the permissions.

    The permissions for the Theme Folder including contents is 705. Any help would be appreciated.

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