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    I’m new to wordpress and like it a lot. Thanks to those who maintain it.

    I have read the problems with the image uploader. For me, the uploader works, but when I try to use the Add Media buttons to add an image from a URL, it stalls. I’ve read the sticky and done everything that applies to my browser. I’ve tried various browsers. They all stall the same way.

    I’ve checked it out as thoroughly as I can and I think that I’ve isolated what looks like a problem.

    As near as I can tell, when I click on “Insert into Post” the following javascript should happen. I get it from wp-admin/includes/media.php.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    top.send_to_editor('<?php echo addslashes($html); ?>');

    The send_to_editor javascript function that is called is in wp-admin/js/media-upload.js. I’ve done what I could to see if this file is actually included. It seems it is not.

    I tried to figure out how that js file should get loaded and I discovered wp-includes/script-loader.php with this code:

    $this->add( 'media-upload', '/wp-admin/js/media-upload.js', false, '20080109' );

    Without having gotten into the intricacies of script-loader.php, I wondered if I was onto something here, but I’m getting more into it than I want.

    I also noticed that the code after the above line was:

    $this->localize( 'upload', 'uploadL10n', array(
                                    'browseTitle' => attribute_escape(__('Browse your files')),
                                    'back' => __('&laquo; Back'),
                                    'directTitle' => attribute_escape(__('Direct link to file')),
                                    'edit' => __('Edit'),
                                    'thumb' => __('Thumbnail'),
                                    'full' => __('Full size'),
                                    'icon' => __('Icon'),
                                    'title' => __('Title'),
                                    'show' => __('Show:'),
                                    'link' => __('Link to:'),
                                    'file' => __('File'),
                                    'page' => __('Page'),
                                    'none' => __('None'),
                                    'editorText' => attribute_escape(__('Send to editor &raquo;')),
                                    'insert' => __('Insert'),
                                    'urlText' => __('URL'),
                                    'desc' => __('Description'),
                                    'deleteText' => attribute_escape(__('Delete File')),
                                    'saveText' => attribute_escape(__('Save &raquo;')),
                                    'confirmText' => __("Are you sure you want to delete the file '%title%'?\nClick ok to delete or cancel to go back.")
                            ) );

    If I look at other combinations of the add and localize methods there, should this be:

    $this->localize( 'media-upload', 'uploadL10n', array(

    I tried changing it and it doesn’t fix my problem, so these are just clues. I’d like to be able to add a video this way, but it just isn’t working.

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  • I would also like to know if I’m barking up the wrong tree entirely. I’m not trying to upload an image. I came across this problem trying to insert a video into a post. The video already resides on my server. I just click on the Add Media button for video, put in the URL and a title, and click on Insert in Post. That’s when it freezes. Trying the same thing with an image also freezes it.

    I’m having a similar problem. I can upload the image (it’s now in my Gallery and Media Library), but when I click on “Insert into post”, the media screen turns all white and then stalls.

    I was able to add a different image to an earlier post this morning. It’s a new site and I have about 15 other WPs running on the same hosting service. I’m not sure why this one has a problem.

    I’m not uploading or inserting video, just an image that I’ve used online in the past. (Travel photo, smallish.)

    I’ve cleared my cache, tried a different (smaller) image, activated the no-Flash media plugin, closed and reopened WP, and… still no luck.

    Okay, it suddenly started working. I’m not sure why, but there it is. Next time, I’ll be more patient. It was probably something at the server.

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