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  • Hi, ive really struggled with this, running macOSX and have the latest version of flash, i have tried using the browser uploader thing too.
    The images do upload but they dont show, i get a blue square with a question mark in it and that is all.

    any ideas why?


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  • whooami



    any ideas why?



    thanks for your reply:)




    youre uploading .tiff files

    tiffs are NOT images files that are browser friendly.

    Hi, i see why that appears to be the case, because open image in new window link says so..but they are all 100% all of them, .jpg files.

    THey appear in manage>media library as .jpg files as well.
    The images are also not viewable in the media library. just the blue squares.




    well then, LOOK at your source:

    <img src="webkit-fake-url://AD2F2253-9928-495F-826A-6D9834C6DCFB/image.tiff" alt="" />

    thats a tiff being called. so either its a tiff, or your link is wrong. And in fact, THAT link is wrong. Thats not a valid URL.

    so what am i meant to do with that?
    the image is uploaded by wordpress to my webserver, i can see it there and download it and its correct.

    im using the From Computer>choose files to upload option.
    So it should be adding the correct url itself seeing as it manages to correctly upload the picture in the first place, right?


    Do you have a FTP program like WS_FTP or Filezilla? I also need to know if you have an image editing program where you can open those TIFF files and convert them to JPG files.

    hi there, yeah they are already .jpg files, they are showing up as .tiff but i dont know why, they have always been and are on the webserver, i use cyberduck for ftp and on there they are .jpg files too.

    @mart29: You are missing the point

    if they have a .tiff file extension, they are not .jpg files. If they are, then they are named incorrectly.

    You either need to rename them to .jpg files – which will NOT work if they really contain .tiff data.


    You need to use some program to open the .tiff files, and then save them back out as .jpg files – then upload those and it should work fine.

    i understand what you are saying but they are literally labelled as .jpg on the webserver, and appear as such in manage/media library.
    there is no where i can change them to .jpg files as they already are. on the webserver and in the media library section of wordpress they appear as (for example) image12243.jpg

    its only in the link when you click show in new window that they appear as .tiff and i have no idea why. they have never been .tiff and appear nowhere else as having a .tiff extension, i hope that makes sense.


    Could you give me the direct URL to one of your pictures? For example it would be something like

    It would help if I knew if you’re a newbie to building a website, because I don’t want to come across as flip. An URL is basically nothing more than an address. If someone is from the USA, that’s their country, if they’re from Illinois, that’s their state, Chicago is their city and 12242 Maple Street is where their house is. In other words it would be like 😀

    In the same vein, the Internet is the same way. is your country, then the “/” slash mark leads to where your pictures are in your country. Again, I’m not being flip or trying to be condescending, I was a newbie once that helped me understand.

    yeah im new to it. ok i tried to make a link but it wont show, it wont even link to the wp-content folder. yet the all the text is showing.

    WordPress has uploaded the pictures to the wp-content folder. let me say that im not using an ftp program to do this im using the builtin feature in wordpress to select a file from the computer for upload.

    Not sure why that is happening, when i connect with an ftp client i can see the pictures have been uploaded, i can download them with the ftp client and they are the correct pictures.

    any further ideas? thanks for your help.

    OK, mart, it seems as if you’re having some type of internal server error. I typed and got the message: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    So something is amiss. It could mean a lot of things, but first contact tech support at your host provider. If, for example, you bought your site from, contact them and give them that internal error message.

    I first put, which functions right, then I added /wp-content, which returned a blank page as it should (it’s a blank index page that protects your files from being seen), but as soon as I added /uploads, that’s when I got the internal server error message.

    Check tech support at whoever you bought you site space from and maybe it’s an error on their part causing your problems.

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