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  • No, you are not doing anything wrong. There are serious issues with this plugin that have not been addressed.

    I posted the info below in a different ticket, but will add it here as it relates.

    We have seen this problem a lot in the past as we frequently move sites for our clients. It is (to say the very least) a complete and utter nightmare.
    It is also worth noting that when installing the plugin, you even get a warning that it has not been tested with the latest WordPress version, is only compatible up to 3.8.3 and was last updated some 7 months ago. However, there may not be a need to update it, but the least they could do is update the “compatible up to” so that you do not get the warning when installing it.

    WP Tavern covered this a while back:

    Issues reported here:
    and here:

    There seems to be no resolution or action on updating the code.

    From my experience, the issues are:
    1) 500 Internal Server Error
    2) Other general failure (for large files only)
    3) Images either a) dont import, b) import but are unassigned to any post or page, c) link to the old location or d) a mix of a-c.

    The only solution that I can actively find is to manually export the posts from the database, update the post numbers so they are after the last post number on your new site, import it, upload images from the old site to the new site and lastly do a find and replace to fix all links to your old site so they point to your new site.
    That is a real pain, but it seems that there really is no other way.

    And here are the instructions for importing posts using the database:

    You can then export your users with a plugin like Cimy User Manager

    Hope this helps

    I just ran a test of my own and everything imported. Sort of.

    The wordpress importer confirmed that all media files had been imported, listing only a few. It did not list any posts, pages or anything else, yet they had all been imported.
    When I checked the media library, there were 425 unattached to any post.
    When I check the posts, the link it uses for all media files within posts is the old address and not the new one.

    It seems to me that it is importing everything, but not changing the link to the media in posts and pages as well as not assigning the media to the posts or pages.

    A real pain.

    Hope this helps you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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