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  • Hi,

    Anyone think of an image to represent advertising in the abstract (particularly web advertising)?

    I’m using the same basic theme elements for a bunch of sites on web business. Right now what’s on the site on web advertising ( ) is the image from the merchant credit card site, a bunch of credit card logos.

    Preferably this would be an image I could get ahold of easily to morph into some kind of collage-type thing like what’s there now.

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  • 1. This question is not understandable.
    2. Helpful supporters go to your site.
    3. Marketing spam!

    1. my question is can you suggest an image that represents advertising in the abstract (but not necessarily a negative way like popups or something).
    2. huh? now that’s not understandable.
    3. what? the site’s not got a single ad on it. At any rate what you wrote was, flip, mean–in short, a flame.
    4. huh?

    1. my question is can you suggest an image that represents advertising in the abstract (but not necessarily a negative way like popups or something).
    2. huh? now that’s not understandable.
    3. what? the site’s not got a single ad on it. At any rate what you wrote was, flip, mean, antagonizing–in short, a flame.
    4. huh?

    I don’t think I understand your question either. Are you looking for someone to create or find an image for you, that portrays advertising in a creative, arty, indirect way?

    Basically, I want suggestions for what images to put in the header. What images would work well to suggest advertising in a general sense? For instance, is about credit card payments and has credit card logos. is about search engines and has search engine logos.

    joelwalsh: First on the points 3 and 4.
    It *was* a bit flamish, sorry! I was a somewhat suspicious as you seem to propose the purchase of ready made articles to fill our blogs and get big ad earnings.
    Well, it’s a matter of taste, and maybe I even misunderstood you there. Please take my apology!

    On the real matter here, it is indeed a tricky question.
    It can’t be dull.
    It must be recognizable
    It must have to do with advertising.

    Although it’s slightly out of scope for WP support, I’ll try to give you a suggestion.
    I think a bright picture of Times Square would do, preferably a nightly picture wit all the neon ads running.

    It’s well known and lively and it associates with ads.
    ( My first thought of a hand handing out a brochure would be really dull 🙂

    I don’t think anyone really understands what you want. Why would you want to make an ad stick out so much on a page, is the purpose not to have ads with integrate nicely into your site?

    Like say on your SEO site, you have the trademarked logos of Google, Yahoo! and MSN in some kind of tiled, monochrome colour. Is that what you want for your other sites, some badly coloured, infringing header? You’ve already got your major credit-card trademark/copyright infringement based header going for you, yet you want more?

    This forum is for WordPress support, unless that has suddenly changed. If you need help integrating this header that you are on a quest for, then that MIGHT be a WordPress question. Petit’s first response to your question is what probably everyone else who reads this is thinking, when one is seeking help, it’s not a good idea to get snippy or condescending – I realize I am being just that now, but alas, I am not the one look for help to a question which makes no sense, on a considerably off-topic problem, for some site that is peddling rubbish.

    If you are peddling your “services” as offering some kind of “expertise? in advertising/marketing whatever else, should you not already have the connections or skills to get things related to advertising, like graphic design, done for you?

    Just a little dose of common sense for you!

    niziol:Thanks for your support! Let’s give it a name: It’s promotional spam, no more, no less.

    Petit, I like it! If only “common sense” was not such a misleading term – there is nothing common about it!

    1. The Times Square idea is really nice. I’ll think about that. I’m sorry if what I wanted wasn’t clear at first; I guess I was tired.

    2. Where was I proposing spam articles to fill blogs with????

    3. Accusing someone of infringing trademarks is quite serious. No, I am not infringing the trademarks. You can incorporate trademarked and copyrighted images into a collage-style work when the images do not imply that you are the business or are competing with the business represented by the trademarks.

    4. I have seen countless posts on this particular board, which is dedicated to non-technical questions, on issues of graphic design and even SEO, which is quite far removed from the technical fundamentals of WordPress. At least my question was about what to do in creating a WP theme.

    5. As a rule, on a message board or anything like it that requires civil discourse:

    +don’t insult people and say their work is “rubbish”

    +don’t accuse people of illegal activity

    +If you really thought I was starting posts here that are being disruptive, you should have contacted a mod rather than throwing oil on a fire which had already died down.

    1. An image is unlikely to be forthcoming.
    2. I do not see a flame where you did first.
    3. You may indeed see lots of questions about graphics, but none are like yours and in no thread like them was there a need to link to 3 different sites not all of which are running WP.
    4. At best I see six of one and a half dozen of the other.

    Seeing those urls in no other places apart from your profile (which is one of the few with FOUR urls in) will go some way to addressing the ‘marketing spam’ concerns.

    Thread closed.

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