Images show in admin section/creating post, but not when published (2 posts)

  1. sickstring
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hi, i've upgraded to the latest version of wordpress, and use wordpress on xp, osx, and also my phone. i've been using the same theme for about a year and have never had issues adding images to posts.

    i'm trying to post a blog now, and added images, which show up fine in the dashboard/admin section of the site. when i click "preview" or "publish" the post comes up but just says "image" in place of the actual image. the images are pictures i took on my phone and uploaded via the wordpress app. they show up perfectly when i pull up the draft of the post. i re-sized them and cut-and-pasted them to the left of the post, and everything appears the way i want it on the draft. they are just not there when i go to publish the post. what's going on?

    i am new to wordpress and have no coding background, so the behind the scenes code editing stuff is a challenge for me.

    thanks for the help

  2. jamespiggot
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Can you post a link to your site so that someone can have a look? You haven't made any other changes other than updating to the latest version of WordPress?

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