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    Hi there –
    You are super cool to be responding to everyone’s threads, so maybe you can help us out. When we share articles from our blog on FB, the image is almost always incorrect. (Except for the post from today, which is oddly and randomly working the way it is supposed to!) We have a “featured photo” option in our theme, but FB definitely doesn’t acknowledge it.
    You’ve said a couple times that FB has a mind of its own these days… but maybe there is something we are doing wrong on our site? Thanks for any pointers…

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  • Actually, I don’t think I have inserted the correct Facebook User Account ID (or Facebook Application ID) Not sure how to find these?

    The Facebook Application ID is found on your URL for example : is your ID) but if you have a name instead of a number the easiest way would be to use this tool:

    Now if you need an App ID you will need to make one on FaceBook and the ID will be assigned to you. Hope i helped.

    Thanks for the tip Surge74!
    Located the number, inserted it into the plug-in and still have the issue with image selection being completely random. Frustrating to say the least. I think I might try creating an App ID and see if that makes a difference?

    So i went and did a scrape (Facebook Debugger) of one of your pages, the Roasted Cauliflower one and it is basically what i said in the other post.

    This is the first image selected by FB:
    “height”: 300,
    “url”: “×300.jpg”,
    “width”: 206

    Notice all the numbers associated with it? Well i think that confuses FB and makes it the main first image.

    Now i will assume the image you want is the Cauliflower one? If so you are way down the list and this is what it looks like scrapped:

    “url”: “×200.jpg”

    Rename it “roasted_cauliflower-600×300.jpg (big is good but make sure it is 3 to 1 on the size and FB will choose this one)

    I hope it helps you as it took me a week to figure it out for me 🙂

    Also almost forgot, the image with all the numbers….rename it with out adding a size or any numbers to it.

    OK, Surge74, you’re a rock star for coaching me through this. I put your suggestions into play this morning, and added image sizes to the featured photo. It worked when I posted to FB, so maybe??? we’ve found a solution for now. We’ll see! Thank u. : )

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    Sorry guys been super heads down at work.

    I don’t see the OG code on your site baby_proofed but when you do put in that ID.. it’s the number not the name at the end of your facebook profile url like Surge mentioned.

    Also I forced FB to pull a new scrape on your site… since there’s no specific info it’s pulling everything but you seem to be all good.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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