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    Recently I have noticed that my images are being rotated 90 degrees in my posts. The image appears in the right orientation on the computer, phone (where it was taken) and when you click on the image and view it.

    In the post however, it’s rotated 90 degrees to the left.

    This is extremely irritating. Is there a setting hiding somewhere that was enabled by an upgrade?

    Here is a post that shows this problem:Nanohawk Post

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  • @brian_greul: Basically, this is related to iPhone orientation and how WP handles EXIF data. Here are a couple of older threads which go into more detail about it:



    Thanks for the reply.

    – Image is created on an iPhone in Portrait Orientation.
    – Image is uploaded to Dropbox and synced to PC.
    – On PC the image views correctly, on the iPhone it’s correct.
    – Post is created on WordPress and image is uploaded by using “upload media”
    – When the post is viewed the image is rotated 90 degrees incorrectly.
    – Clicking on the image opens it in the browser. It views correctly there.

    This suggests that WordPress is rotating the image.

    I have this on a few blogs that are running 4.5. It started with the upgrade to 4.5.

    If you load the image file directly, it works fine…..
    Here is a link to it

    So Chrome respects EXIF data when it’s opening the image, but something in WordPress is throwing out the EXIF data when an image is loaded on the bloag.

    The EXIF data for the image in question is here

    It clearly shows 90CW rotation as the proper orientation.

    What I don’t understand is why this exact same workflow used to work properly on this blog and other blogs. I’d like to avoid having to edit snapshots that I’m posting.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    It’s probably not WordPress;

    Hmm, according to this post WordPress is supposed to respect EXIF information.

    The EXIF data is there, on the file.

    So what else could it be? It looks like WP is ignoring the EXIF data.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Do you have a site? The two software at and are not the same

    No. I host 4 sites on an AWS instance.

    The workflow has stayed the same.

    So let’s see…..

    in Chrome loading the image directly from the CDN host the image is fine
    on the PC (Windows 10) the image is fine
    in Photoshop CC 2015, the image is fine.
    viewing the EXIF data shows proper orientation encoded into the file.

    but in WordPress the EXIF data flies out the window.

    Saving it out of Photoshop before uploading it to WordPress does cause the orientation to be respected…. but it’s annoying to have another step in the workflow. Probably produces better image quality though as I will crop the photo in PS.

    The EXIF is rewritten by photoshop from 90CW to Horizontal(Normal).

    This supports what looks like WP not respecting EXIF orientation data.

    Andrew Nevins


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    Try a plugin instead:

    Generally, features that are bundled within’s software are instead separated out to plugins when using’s software.

    @andrew – Thank you for the suggestion. The 4 plugins that offer image rotation are not tested for 4.5. The one with the most installs did not work.

    I’m not sure where enters into this. This feature worked fine on my instance for this blog until very recently. It also worked fine on 2 other blogs that I have.

    it was working fine as of 11 Apr when I uploaded a snapshot from my phone. In the last few days it stopped working.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    I’m sorry that the plugins didn’t work. I mentioned after you linked an article from’s blog that described’s exif feature.

    oh, ok…. I must have confused’s post with the feature being in WordPress software. My bad.

    I did fix this and two other irritating issues:
    – I deactivated plugins I didn’t need anymore which recovered my visual editor.
    – I installed Ios Image Fixer
    – I installed PHP ImageMagick (required for this plugin and WP image editing) Instructions for Ubuntu HERE

    This plugin works with 4.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in an AWS EC2 Instance with Amazon RDS and Amazon CDN.

    I verified that the plugin is the solution by deactivating it and the error returning.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed. The plugin ultimately fixed this.

    Now I’ll bounce over to ManageWP and load this plugin on the other 10 sites I manage personally and at work. 🙂

    Many, many thanks to Brian for posting this, and to Bishoy for the plugin fix! I run 3 sites, including a photo blog. After the recent upgrade to WP 4.5, my photo uploads began rotating 90 deg. CCW, but inconsistently and seemingly at random. They were correct on some browsers and mobile screens, but rotated on others. Some had the thumbnails rotated, but the full images correct, and vice versa. Some were rotated on the image page, but correct when inserted in a blog post, or vice versa.

    Changing the images’ EXIF orientation from 6 to 1 didn’t help, because the images then showed the same inconsistencies, but in reverse.

    I’d never seen this behavior before. Hundreds of my past photos have been iOS and they’ve displayed with no problem. Never even thought about it.

    After 2 days of fruitlessly troubleshooting what changed (iOS? The EXIF data? My WP plugins? Google Drive? iOS Preview? The uploader? Anything else that touched the photos???) – including missed deadlines, hair-tearing, and general despair – I ran across your post, and immediately installed Bishoy’s plugin. Problem solved. Thank you SO much.

    WordPress updates are usually so vetted and seamless, that 4.5 was literally the last item on my troubleshooting list.

    Hope this additional info helps the next person!

    [Link redacted]

    Andrew Nevins


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    @mary-m-kearney, You might want to post a review of that plugin here:

    The author won’t be reading this thread and won’t receive your gratitude.

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