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  • And more today, about 15,000 images over 3 sites have been removed in 2 days. Deactivated the plug-in, such a shame as it was working so well.

    I haven’t had an issue with images falling out of Google’s image index. Perhaps it was an issue unrelated to this plugin

    Hi @gregds is not related to this plugin, is imposible, as long as it was used in default mode and plugin find images after redirection script !!!
    – Rewrite Image Mode: Pass Through: internal redirection
    – Redirect Direct Clik: attachment template
    – Allowed User Agents: googlebot (minimal)
    – Allow Social Sites: [enabled] (google plus is included)
    – Image Not Found code: 404 Not Found / and Image Not Found page must be manually created in wordpress or dynamic template.

    “Pass Through” mode is imposible to detect by search-engines as long as the search-engine agent is present in the “Allowed User Agents” list. Even otherwise, oit can only detect different at binary level, but it is the same as the size and content.

    I did not invent it myself, Hotlink protection is used for years, only now has become more popular 😉

    Even with “Redirect 302” would not be a problem as long as the redirect is correct and images is there.

    Redirect 307 is not sugested, was implemented as an option for those who use Varnish Cache and only temporarily.

    i use this plugin in many sites without dropped problems:,, etc

    I may have jumped the gun but can’t think of any other reason? It was spread over 3 sites.

    Somebody suggested it could something to do with the timestamp on the images?

    “timestamp on the images” … hm, hard to belive …

    But, if watermark files are deleted from the cache frequently and constantly changing the timestamp on the image, then it appears that the images change frequently (binary level) … but only serverd as watermark not as original source.
    There is an explanation as hypothesis and is not checked, it’s only a hypothesis!

    I introduced the option “timestamp over images” only as for verification and debug purpose, that’s why it is not enabled by default.

    However, you’re the first to have this problem … and the only one.

    and send-me the websites to get an idea (byrev @ yahoo com)

    I can confirm I’m the only one, searched all over and can’t find another person anywhere. I’ll email you the sites.

    😉 one of your site seems to have “worked” quite well in the last month and especially in the last 3 months ! …

    I only had the plug-in installed for 15 days, it’s brilliant and you’re a great guy but Google are removing my images, hadn’t lost a single one for 3 days then lost 200 within the last 2 hours when I re-activated it.

    I truly do appreciate all your work but I think Google are already combating it.

    Gazilion script for anti-hotlink is there … all are against those who steal, and Google is no exception 😉

    I do understand how you have 5000 pictures in blog but 10 times more indexed, it is clear that something is wrong with indexing 😉 not with plugin.

    And duplicate content, even images is already identified by google. This is only math, and scripting and google knows better than anyone else how to filter duplicates !

    Like i say, only math, not SciFi -> PHP GD Duplicate Image Finder

    I suspect that google do new re-crawl and filtering images for you.

    And by the way, how do you know the number of images indexed by “google images” ?

    Do you have a separate sitemap for images? Because there is no other possibility to see this.

    And if you have separated sitemaps, only one version for images must pe present in sitemap, not all 4 or more !!! in Google Images, switch to basic version at the bottom. Gives me an actual number.

    uh … ok, i see.

    Now, here is some info about ratio for my site:

    71000 indexed images in google
    24472 unique images in blog (~ 100k with all version, including thumbs)

    This is 60% “duplicate” / and ratio is ~ 3:1 ( 3 in index, vs one image )

    for you :

    58800 indexed images
    5000 real images (like you say)

    This is ~ 91% duplicate / and ratio is ~ 12 … 4 times higher than it should be ! Clearly something is not right, I do not understand how google has indexed so many image ? from where ?

    if you have one image per attachment and 4 images version (wp standard) you should have no more than 15000 Indexed images !!!

    and btw, is born with this plugin, and i uploaded images to test if something goes wrong … so,

    How do you explain that this site was indexed from zero, the images are indexed from the start without any problem, and with plugin permanently active, born and raised with him ???

    If there was something wrong with the plugin I’m sure 100% that this site was the first to be affected … but it was not !

    “Whether you are in is Incognito Mode, logged in to your Google account, or just plain heading to Google in any browser, SafeSearch is now enabled by default. The ability to quickly set the search to Moderate, which allows the search to filter only some of the content, has been removed.”

    So, probably another “problem” for you: google will filter images, one by one … and all images “out of safe” will be ignored !

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