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  • I am using the Kubrik theme and I noticed that when I load my website with internet explorer, the images that I have are not automatically resized, but when I look at it in firefox then they are resized to fit in the post table. How can I fix this.

    Also, if I switch to other themes such as Rin, and Pool, I get the same thing except it also happens in Firefox. Is my only solution to resize them in photoshop before I post or is there something else that I can do.

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  • I forgot to add that my website is

    See for yourself.

    Mark (podz)


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    You either resize them or explicitly declare the width/height.

    You should resize them anyway since a 300 KB picture is not very user-friendly 🙂

    hmm Isnt there a way to edit the CSS so that it will automatically resize all pictures, or should I just declare the height and width when I enter in the picture to my posts.

    The reason I ask is because If I plan to change themes then their table width might be different.

    better to resample and reduce the image size rather than resize without resampling – you will lose quality, you will artifically reduce the size of the image but it will still be a 300k image resized and still load a 300k image. if you’re going to resize, do it properly, or it’s a pointless exercise as the user still has to download the same sized file.

    Alright thanks for the help

    This is interesting. I can see the logic in resizing the picture for the blog, but on the chance that you’d like the viewer to be able to right-click and view the file in its original size, how would you specifically code to resize without resampling?

    Crops, as Jinsan said above: that (=no resampling) still would “force” the innocent surfer/visitor to download a seemingly – pixel-wise or mm-wise – samll pic with a horrible (300 KB) real file size. Think of people that have dial-up connection! Just changing the height and width and not changing the real file size (KB’s) doesn’t help! You can have two pictures uploaded: one normal (i.e 20-40 KB) for viewing it in the post and, eventually, you can make it a link to the original file if you have it uploaded, too.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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