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  • Is it just me?
    I’ve created several galleries but none of them show up in the order I ask for. I use the pop-up window to order the images the way I want to, but it still shows up sorted by IDs only.

    How do I change that?

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  • Should display the order sorted…

    A) Are you using a server cache plugin? If so, clear browser cache. Then:
    B) Have you refreshed the page in your browser?

    C) If above does not work, please post a link to any page this is happening on and also post the gallery shortcode used:


    A) Are you using a server cache plugin? If so, clear server cache….


    I’m not using a server cache plugin – should I? 🙂
    I’ve refreshed all pages and used different browsers and computers, sadly it happens in all of them.

    For example, this page –
    I’ve tried moving image no.3 (the red one) to the first spot, for example, but it’s not moving (since it was uploaded third, it stays third no matter what).

    This is the code I’m using is simple:
    [gallery ids="600,598,599,601,604,605,603"]

    The red one is #600.

    Thanks in advance!

    Using WP 3.5.1 built in Gallery feature, I can sort my gallery thumbnail images just fine, BUT in the full size image view Next/previous do NOT use my custom sort order.

    I haven’t verified if they are displaying in the order uploaded …

    I’m afraid I still haven’t figured out the problem – I was hoping the 3.5.2 version would fix that but nothing’s changed…
    Even when using orderby=”menu_order” it still remains the same way.

    Does anyone have any idea why?
    The only option right now is the reupload the entire gallery in a different order…

    My problem gallery page & shortcode:

    Making a(nother) Mummy

    [gallery ids="957,963,1000,1005,962,1001,999,1013,955"]

    The page displays the thumbnails in the desired order, as rearranged after uploading the media. But when I select a thumbnail and page through the full size images, the sort order is different.

    I don’t understand the shortcode sort options, but when I inserted “=menu_order” that put the thumbnails in a different “wrong” order. And a subsequent gallery edit/update via the visual editor stripped that option text out of the shortcode.

    Still struggling with the image order, and noticing something else: If you sort your gallery (thumbnails) such that the first thumbnail is NOT the first image uploaded, AND you have the gallery images displaying as attachments, paging through your gallery gets weird.

    Next & Previous do not take you through a circular list.

    And since you start with an image somewhere in the middle of the list, you cannot view the whole gallery using Next, but will have to back up through the images already viewed to get to the ones you have not seen yet (and who will do that without knowing about the problem?).

    Another feature I observed after inserting custom CSS into the approved section of Weaver II theme: using Previous to page through the Gallery, I suddenly found myself paging through all my (hidden) Header images… and could not get back to the original gallery images.

    I have the same problem. The WP version is 3.9.1 with the integrated gallery.

    I have a test site with four pictures of the Simpsons.
    Those are the attachment ids found on the site
    [gallery ids="211,202,201,210"]
    If you click on the third picture(Bart) it’s as if you clicked on the first from the gallery. There is only the option to go to the next picture and not the previous.
    Lisa is the first picture in the gallery but when clicked acts like the last one.
    The most irritating is when you go to Homer and click next Maggie will show up. She is not even in the gallery.
    I configured the gallery to link the thumbnail to the attachment site.
    Is this by design that all of the attachments are shown and that they are sorted by the attachment id?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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