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  • justinomaha


    Hi everybody,

    I’m very new to WordPress and am having major table and/or image problems (not sure). It looks like the stylesheets are adding either a border or some sort of spacing/padding. I have gone through the stylesheet for the Inove theme and cannot have the issue. The page I’m having the problem with is

    Has anyone else had a similar problem and know a solution?

    Thanks for anyone’s help in advance!

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  • Horizonz


    Site looks fine for the most part, aside from a slight vertical break in the image.. I’d try and help with code, but I’m really not familiar with the coding WP uses. I’d try using CTRL+F to search for ‘padding’ and ‘border’ in any files related to the images in that area though, you’ll probably find your problem that way. Search your php files too, not just the CSS file. If you can’t find any problems with padding/borders, you know it’s a table problem.



    Hi Horizonz,

    I have searched and searched the CSS file and the php files so many times and have set padding, spacing, and image borders to 0. I have posted the html for the graphics to a plain html file and it works fine. I’m out of ideas!



    Just an update, the tables work fine in IE but not in Chrome or Firefox.



    You’ve got a lot of validation errors for an (essentially) empty page. I suspect that, if you move all of the styling out of the markup and into CSS, a lot of your problems may disappear.



    Same issue here. Looks great in IE and Opera, but not in Firefox.

    EDIT: I discovered the issue. I use the WordPress Admin Bar plugin, which puts all the links at the top of the site when I’m logged in. All I had to do was turn it off and the site looks fine.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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