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    The two photos in this post won’t load in IE or Firefox, yet they are fine in Safari. For testing purposes I coded the second one as I always do (relative) and the first one absolute. I can’t even get these two photos to show up in IE and FF by directly typing in their url to view them in a separate page.

    I have other posts in this setup using the same routine and they show up fine, for example:
    This example displays properly in Safari, IE, Firefox and Opera

    I thought maybe it was operator error, so I copied and pasted the coding from the working example into the non working one, and changed the relevant info. Still didn’t work. I uploaded the pictures using upload from within WP as I always do and got the successful upload message.

    I know it’s not just me not seeing them as I’ve had users emailing me all morning about it. :/

    I read about 100 posts that seemed to be related here and tried all the suggestions but nothing worked. I turned off my hotlink protection on my website. I resaved the pics in photoshop and started over with a new post. Nothing seems to help.


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  • moshu


    Try to upload the image again – seemingly it has been corrupted during the upload (e.g. was uploaded as ascii instead of binary file)



    I had done that but I just did it again and still no joy. It still comes up great in Safari but not in IE and FF. I’ll try resaving it yet again in photoshop and trying yet again.

    Edited to say I just redid the pics again in photoshop, made them smaller, uploaded again, still nothing.



    Oops, nevermind 😉

    Take a good image, rename it and upload. Perhaps the image is not being replaced with the valid image?



    I got them to display finally but the only way was to take the images I had in photoshop and “save for web”. I have no idea why that worked, and hopefully I won’t have to do that in the future. It’s curious to me that if the image file was invalid why Safari could see it.

    Thanks for the help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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