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  • UGh! I’m using the same host (anhosting) and process as all my other installs, I’ve been doing this for years. Images seems to be an ongoing issue with a lot of people.

    When I went to the themes page the FIRST time to check out themes and maybe install a new one, all the images (screenshots, etc) showed the no-image icon from the very start.
    I figured I would try anyway. Uploaded a .png for header.
    Instead of showing the header image, my site is showing a GIANT header placeholder with the no-icon image. Its a huge square, when my image is 1200×100 px, long, like a banner.
    I came here to read about it….

    I deleted ALL plugins.
    I refreshed and dumped my cache.
    I installed twenty12.

    I’m having a similar issue on an install I did a couple of weeks ago, and I gave up because I couldn’t fix it and ended up just removing all images from the site- which is a dumb fix, we need images. So I’d like to figure this out.

    Thank you.

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  • Did you ever find a solution?
    I noticed your site looks great now! I am having the exact same problem. Fresh install, and even the thumbnails of the default things aren’t showing up, none the less any images inside the actual site.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    No one has helped.
    I ended up using blogger instead, which is a total travesty.

    I really need some assistance please, because I can’t figure out what is going wrong.

    the install you can see for more info is

    I ended up taking ALL images out of the blog, which is silly because it’s a site about image transfers for artists! Please help.

    Standard troubleshooting steps:

    Clear any site, server and browser caches.

    Try deactivating all your plugins and resetting the plugins folder (using FTP rename the plugins folder to pluginsHOLD temporarily)

    Clear any site, server and browser caches.

    Switch to the default WP theme.

    Clear any site, server and browser caches.

    See if that fixes it. If so, reverse the above steps one by one to see what’s causing the problem.

    If not, please put some images in the page so we can see what the problem might be.

    For me, none of those standar troubleshooting steps worked for me.
    This was happening literally on a fresh install, so there are no plug-ins to clear, etc.

    I did find a fix though:

    For me, the solution posted here, changing the permalinks did the trick! My scenario was exactly as they described, it was an add-on domain.

    I hope you get yours working soon, kiraslyeg – maybe this will work for you too!

    great help! Just want solved my problem 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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