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    Hi guys. Firstly, wow! Thanks for an amazing plugin! I think this is gonna save me a lot of time!

    Just one hurdle though.. My images aren’t working in my cloned sites at all.. Could it be related to the fact that I use a custom folder for my uploads? Instead of the default wp-uploads, I use I also have everything lumped into one folder instead of the default of having sub directories by date.

    As an example, if an image on the master sites is at:

    The cloned site (sub directory, not subdomain) looks for:

    In my ‘files’ directory, there is a sub directory ‘sites’ and within there I do have subdirectory ‘2’ (id of cloned site).. But that ‘2’ directory is empty?? Should that be where the images are copied to?

    I’d really appreciate your help on this – just can’t figure it out!

    Many thanks

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  • Plugin Author Never Settle


    Hey – thanks for your feedback and question.

    A short answer is yes – if you copy all the files to that subfolder it will quite likely work and that would be a valid workaround for you. If it’s a lot of files you could test with 1 or 2 images that you know should show up on a certain page.

    A longer answer is that if you are using a custom uploads location with a manual redirect (like in .htaccess) the Cloner will not be able to see that. There is a way to tell WordPress about your custom uploads folder location and the Cloner will detect and honor that, but I don’t think Multisite provides that in the normal admin settings for a site. You have to go to DOMAIN/wp-admin/network/sites.php > click edit on the site > Settings tab and edit the Upload Path parameter and save BEFORE you clone a particular site. This is an advanced edit so please don’t do it unless you’re confident of the value that should be there and the impact it will have. Impact will be different for the root site versus subsites.

    However, since it sounds like it created the right sub-folder in your custom uploads location when the site was created, it’s possible this is already correct (and you can verify). IF that’s the case it might be a permissions issue or some other reason the file copy failed during clone. You can look at the logs and/or send to us on our support page ( ) and we’ll take a quick look.

    Otherwise, you can do the manual copy for which as you suspect should work to keep you rolling in the meantime.

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