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  • Hi,
    Strange think happening to my WP. when i do add media from new post doesn’t show the images or uploaded new images (thumbnail) and when i do insert. it insert a broken image sign. how can i fix it? why is it happening?

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  • What’s your URL?

    What is the file size, the file name, and the file type?

    Do not upload files with spaces or special characters in the filename

    A dash or underscore should be ok. So prior to upload, rename:

    my file is this.jpg


    my-file-is-this.jpg (using lower case is a good idea also)

    Also make sure the file name length is not too long.

    Check with web host on ‘max file upload size’. You want to optimize images locally first – serving huge images will bog down your server and many site visitors will leave the site when it loads very slowly for them.

    As for the file type, ask your host what file types are allowed. a bmp may not be or they may need to add mime type for a .jpeg file

    here is the link
    i didn’t wanted it to get indexed




    Try after switching to the default theme (plugins off if needed).

    here how my image uploader looks like, i checked the upload folder and images are there.

    Same problem here. Yesterday the image upload was success, but today it fails. I tried to change the image format from PNG to JPG but it doesn’t helped. Here’s my screenshot.

    Oh btw, i use media uploader via Image Widget and also Simple Image Widget. But i also try uploading via Media menu but had the same result.

    Ah. my problem has been solved. It looks like it had something to do with an ad-blocker on my browser (i use Google Chrome). After i turned the adblocker off, the upload worked. Funny, but that’s the fact.

    Nope, this isn’t what i have with my end. still unsolved 🙁

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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