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  • Hello all, using the roots theme. I appreciate this may not be the forum for it. But in case anyone here has used it:
    I have the following code in the header-top-navbar.php page.

    <div id="topLogo" class="span12">
    <img class="pull-left" src="<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>../coreImg/coreLogo100x100px.png"/>

    it works.
    On the sandbox.

    once this page is xferd live I no longer see the images. And yes…they did transfer. The images are available
    the live site i
    I have attached a screenshot as well.
    Any advice on how to fix this would be awesome!

    The second issue is that the images placed by I have this code in the app.css (what roots uses instead of the style.css)

    .content .row{

    also tried to place in other divs just to test it.
    but the image is not coming up. and a “chrome inspect elements” check gives me”Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) “
    Suggestions on how to fix it please?

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  • II suppose you were able to figure out the logo issue, coz I could see the logo in your site.
    The background-image, are you sure, you have uploaded it in the assets directory?

    Kevin pretty sure they did but won’t hurt do double check.
    But as it is the background image is still not displaying on the sandbox w/either code.

    as for placing the image on the page, in case it helps anyone else here is how to do it:

    to roots-theme
    Put the images into /assets/img within the theme folder. You can then link to them like so:
    <img class="pull-left" src="/assets/img/coreLogo100x100px.png"/>

    for the background image this should work, but so far hasn’t.

    .content .row{
    background-image: url('/assets/imgmainOilTnkr.png');}

    adding to the frustration is that the code that places the image live on the page doesn’t place in the sandbox.

    And yes…i did see the error on

    .content .row{
    background-image: url('/assets/img/mainOilTnkr.png');}

    and corrected it.



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    yep. did that as well 🙂
    that was where I got the initial answer.

    I was wondering esmi is there a more traditional html5/responsive blank theme that is more in line w/the wordpress format that you’d recommed?

    Roots is interesting…but there are no tutorials I could find and getting the info is a chore (and I already have a few of those)



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    Thank you will go take a look.
    Roots has sort of been “imposed” on me. but would love to present a better/easier alternative if it is out there.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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