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  • Plugin Contributor Jason


    Hmm, that sounds odd. Is there any more info you can give? Did you look in your wp-contents folder for the posts to see what files are there?

    If you right-click on the broken images and save them – are they actually missing – or are there image files there which are corrupted?

    If there are image files there and they are corrupted, you could try to open them in a text editor and see what it looks like. There could actually be just error text inside instead of binary image data. That seems unlikely because Imsanity checks for errors along every step of the way, but there are so many server setups out there so I can’t say with 100% certainty.


    Thanks so much for your reply. It is indeed odd and I went in to take a look like you suggested.

    I see that the image files are still in the wp-contents folder. On the actual blog post, I’m not able to right-click and Save Image As but I am able to Save Link As and View Image. When I View Image I get my Search Not Found Page. It seems like after I ran a few test images through, the plugin said OK but now those images are linking to a url that isn’t there. I’m not overly technical, so I don’t know what to look for as far as error text inside instead of binary image data when I open them in a text editor.

    Are there any known issues with other plugins? I’ve been trying to optimize my images so I also recently losslessly compressed them using the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.

    I would appreciate any other problem-solving ideas, thanks!

    Do you have any ideas on why the images would now be pointing to broken links and therefore not showing up?

    Plugin Contributor Jason


    Well as you say the images are still there. What I would do is figure out whether the images are corrupted – or whether the links on the page are the problem.

    I’d rule out corrupted images first by downloading an image via FTP (or whatever you use) and trying to open it in an image viewer program.

    I was able to download the image fine, it doesn’t seem to be corrupted. It’s a broken link, not a broken image. There’s some disconnect between where WordPress is now trying to pull the image.

    Oh another thing- I have the Broken Link Checker and the images I tested showed up on there too so it is definitely a linking issue

    Plugin Contributor Jason


    I guess I’d look a at the links on your site, and see how they’re different from what is on the server.

    Imsanity doesn’t rename or move files but it does use the WordPress meta data to locate image files – not what is on the file system. so if at some point you moved things to another server or some other plugin moved image files without updating the WordPress metadata for them – then that might cause them to get re-located to where WordPress thinks they should be – but some pages may be stuck with an old image URL.


    I’ve got a slightly different issue. The bulk resize seems to work on photos that are singly in posts but when the images are in a gallery it’s coming up with this error message. “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” I have tried deleting the image out of the gallery and adding the new scaled down image back in but the same message appears when viewing.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks Ben

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    Hey nquiros,

    I’ve got exactly the same issue. Have you already found any solution on this? Probably the metadata has got messed up somehow.. I also used another resizing plugin (“Regenerate Thumbnails”) which may has affect on this. No images showing up anymore..

    Thank you,



    Well, this night I overlooked this once again and found out, that when I upload an image within the wordpress editor, it will create a link like this:

    <img src=”×473.jpg […]

    But the actual name of the resized image file is only “Imagename.jpg”.

    That means wordpress must either create a link like this:

    <img src=” […]

    Or the parameters “720×473” in width and height must be added to the image file.

    Have you got any solution? I want this plugin to work so desperately!!

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