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  • Good afternoon to all, i have a problem with my word press not displaying images from the front end and clients computer too or backend.

    My wordpress is hosted locally on windows server 2008, which is distributed to other computers in my office place, but images do not display on the backend or front-end of all connected computers/ server computer.

    1.At first it was “css could not be loaded from other computers” so i had to change the site url to the Ip address of the server and it was solved but for the images they don’t display

    When i click on the media button in my dashboard its opens an error page:
    with this message: “Forbidden you don’t have permission to access NFHL/wp-content/uploads.php on this server’
    Apache 2.4.9 (Win64) PHP 5.5.12 Server at Port 80

    “Forbidden you don’t have permission to access NFHL/wp-content/uploads/2018 03/nfhl-logo on this server”

    Please can anyone help me out with a solution…

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  • What do the logs show on your webserver ? Can you see the image requests ?

    Use a browser inspector on some of the computers on the LAN, look at the html from your website, what URL are being used for the images ? How does it compare with your site address and WordPress address ?

    Thanks Mr Long Nguyen and Mr RossMitchell.i would try the two options you suggested.
    by tomorrow.

    In regards to Mr RossMitchell suggestion if the url for images does not point to the images directory, please how would i change that in Myphp admin?

    how would i change that in Myphp admin?

    It very much depends upon just what and where the errors are.
    Most likely the changes would be made using the WordPress dashboard, it is only in rescue situations that they are made from wp-config.php or by hacking the database.

    It is at the point of loading images + css etc (and other page resources), that the true mechanism behind the web surfaces. The URL in the browser’s address bar fetches the web page ONLY, the browser then has to request every css file, every image and icon etc from the internet as a stand alone action, there is no state, there is no context of prior requests.

    So in short at this stage, just tell us what the different URLs are and we will see what needs to be done.

    thanks would get back to you soon

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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