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    Hi All,

    A bit of a strange problem that we’ve just noticed is that some images on our website are not displaying correctly. The site is

    Everything was fine the last time I saw it during the week (probably Thursday). One really strange thing is that the phone number in the top right hand corner of the site had reverted to an old image (somehow??). I have re-uploaded the correct image now, but it looks like the custom.css had also reverted because there was a fix I applied with the help of someone here on the support forums, but currently it’s not there.

    So first question – how is it possible that the site had reverted to an older version? It’s not possible that old versions of the WP install are kept somewhere on the server? I would have thought this is definitely not something that would happen ‘by itself’, so is there any way I can see if someone has actually logged in and changed this?

    Next up – I did install WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin last week, and had scheduled the backup for Friday 9 March at 23:00, but the backup was actually done on the 10th March at 05:54 according to the plugin. Is there any chance something could have happened during the backup to cause these problems?

    Finally, I have to admit to messing around with the file permissions on the FTP while I was trying to get the Dropbox backup plugin to auto-install last week (eventually I just installed it manually). Is there any chance the images wouldn’t show if they have the wrong permissions? And if so is there an easy way to ‘reset permissions’, or how can I find what permissions should be used?

    Thanks for any assistance, let me know if you need any further info.



    Edit>> To add some more confusion to this… I just checked Dropbox and the files that were backed up were also the ‘old version’ – the old phone number image and the old custom.css without my extra code.

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  • Okay, I have the images showing correctly once again – I checked the folder permissions and set wp-content permissions to 755 recursive. Must have been something in there that went awry?

    Still doesn’t explain how my custom.css had reverted to default, anyway I’ll add my custom edits again and see how it goes…


    Not sure if it really matters, but I was not actually using WordPress version 3.3.1 at the time, but I have upgraded now. (I think the previous installed WP version when I had the issues was 3.0.1.)

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