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  • Hello everyone,

    I searched about this problem but I can’t find an answer. A client of mine has a problem that caused for no reason. When you go on the Media you can see that a few pictures aren’t showing, but if you click on them they’re working just find. Any ideas?

    Here’s an example in the Media:

    Here’s if I click on a broken image:

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  • Hi @meymigrou,

    You might want to look into the Regenerate Thumbnail plugin.


    Hello Mark, thanks for replying!

    I have already used 2 different regenerate thumbnail plugins and didn’t to the trick. That was the first thing I actually tried. Any other ideas?

    Hi @meymigrou,

    Okay. Good to know. You might want to list all the things you have tried already to save time for everyone. Here are some things to consider.

    Did you check the directory and file permissions in your uploads directory?

    Is this issue happening for new uplaods?

    When did this issue start happening, i.e. was there any changes done recently especially to the server?

    If that looks good, you might need to wait for staff support. You might want add to your tags media library, thumbnails, thumbnail regeneration, broken images.


    It’s poor hosting usually. The process of creating the 3 default thumbs is failing randomly.

    First, try to upload an image of smaller size, one that is just a bit bigger in dimensions of the largest thumbnail size settings in Media>Settings

    Then do several more.

    You need not post them and can remove from Media Library after test.

    Now, upload to ML a huge file, then another and see what happens.

    The server likely ‘times out’ the process of uploading and then creating thumbs, so while the initial file uploads, the thumbs are not generated.

    Turn DEBUG ON to see output error messages temporarily.

    The plugins noted use the same WP Core functions that are run using add media, so you will get the same results.

    Media Library uses the 150 x 150 default thumb to show the image at that thumb size in Media Library

    Hello @mlchaves

    Here’s a few things I tried:

    1. Regenerate all the images two times.
    2. Disabling all the plugins and change the theme.
    3. Did a WordPress reinstall.
    4. I check all the permissions and it’s all good.

    Yes, it happening for a few uploads and not for all of them and the weird thing is that the images are small (less than 100kb).

    Hello @swansonphotos

    It’s not the hosting quality as the website runs in a VPS server with great tech specs. As I said above, the images are low quality and now heavy (although it doesn’t have a problem with newer uploads only with a few old ones).

    I asked my client if she changed anything or install a plugin but she says she didn’t do anything just woke up and saw a few images not displaying correctly.

    But now that I am thinking about it, yesterday I had a problem with the server and restarted it because it was really slow (I still wait for a respond from the hosting company), could that slow speed caused that problem? But the images that doesn’t display correctly are older than the problem.

    If you want independent review(s) here, we need a site link. 🙂

    @swansonphotos you’re right, sorry! Go to this page and take a look at the last article in the page.

    The Source HTML for the missing image on his page is:

    <div class="post-item-inner">
                    <div class="entry-image inview">
                <div class="entry-image-inner">
                    <a href="" title="Ανάσα Στο Κέντρο Της Πόλης">
                        <span class="image-tint">
                            <img width="370" height="247" src="φοίνικες-370x247.jpg" class="attachment-rectangle-size size-rectangle-size wp-post-image" alt="ανάσα-στο-κέντρο-της-πόλης" srcset="φοίνικες-370x247.jpg 370w,φοίνικες-300x200.jpg 300w,φοίνικες-270x180.jpg 270w,φοίνικες.jpg 540w" sizes="(max-width: 370px) 100vw, 370px">                    </span>
                <div class="entry-details">
                    <header class="entry-header" style="height: 100px;">
            <div class="entry-meta">
                                <time class="entry-date published" datetime="2015-07-14T07:33:36+00:00">14/07/2015</time>
                    <time class="updated" datetime="2017-01-21T09:26:59+00:00">21/01/2017</time>
            <h2 class="entry-title">
                <a href="" rel="bookmark">Ανάσα Στο Κέντρο Της Πόλης</a>
                                            <span class="written-by">by</span>
                <span class="author vcard">
                    <a class="url fn n" href="" rel="author">
                        Tzina Varotsi                </a>
                    <div class="entry-summary">
                <p>&nbsp; Βαριά η ατμόσφαιρα όλο τούτο τον καιρό.. Και παρ’ όλο που το χιούμορ δεν μας έλειψε, εν τούτοις &nbsp;η διάθεση ήταν πεσμένη κι η αγωνία περίσσευε.. Έτσι…</p>
    <div class="swp-content-locator"></div>        </div>
                    <footer class="entry-footer">
        <div class="social-sharing" data-permalink="">
            <a class="share-item share-facebook" href="Ανάσα Στο Κέντρο Της Πόλης" target="blank">
                <i class="icomoon-facebook"></i>
            <a class="share-item share-twitter" href="Ανάσα Στο Κέντρο Της Πόλης&tw_p=tweetbutton&url=" target="_blank">
                <i class="icomoon-twitter"></i>
                    <a data-pin-custom="true" class="share-item share-pinterest" href="//φοίνικες.jpg&description=Ανάσα Στο Κέντρο Της Πόλης" target="_blank">
                <i class="icomoon-pinterest"></i>
        </div><!-- social-sharing -->
                        <a class="read-more-link" href="">Read More</a>

    My review is that the site is using filenames not understood by the host host server, for example:


    Hope this helps.

    Hello @swansonphotos, thanks for the reply!

    It’s Greek, but almost all of my clients are Greeks and non of them had any problems in the past. It doesn’t seem normal. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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