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    Getting kind of frustrated with this BootStrap theme from WordPress. In the last 48 hours all my uploaded images included my site header/banner keep showing that little “thumbnail” icon you get in browsers when the image is blocked. I’ve tested this in Chrome and Firefox and it’s the same thing with this Bootstrap theme from WordPress and the images on my site.

    I have another completely different site that has the Suffusion theme that I’ve had for years and the images on that site are 100% perfect as they should be within the same browser session. It’s very frustrating. I don’t want to re-upload all the images again on this Bootstrap theme as there’s not guarantee that will fix things so that the images show up.

    Here’s a link to the site with the Bootstrap theme from WordPress. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  • the strange thing is when i hit the edit, the edit image button under the media library the picture shows great, exactly as it should. Then when I close the edit view and it’s back to the funny icon again. Like something is blocking it. I check the permissions on the folder and files and they look good to me.

    here’s the url in the edit image mode (this looks fine)

    here’s the url to the file itself in the upload directory. It does not show properly for me in any browser

    I’d re-installed the Bootstrap theme, changed it to another theme and still the same issue with the images not showing. I believe it’s a WordPress application issue with some setting or configuration with regards to accessing my image files (don’t understand how this could happen, seems like this should be straightforward). Another suggestions anyone has to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks.

    I had to delete the previous problematic install of Bootstrap. Re-built the entire site from scratch. Could not figure out what the issue was. Decided to give Bootstrap one more chance and it’s been OK since the re-build, but I notice that I have not seen a theme update come by since WordPress 3.5 came out so I’m a bit worried about how this Bootstrap theme is maintained. We’ll see.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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