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    This is (was) my second attempt at doing this which again was disrupted and buggy I do not reacall evertyhing I did to get things to work. It is a subdomain install using wildcard DNS at Hostgator.

    Today was the day I was going to rip out WPMS and go back to regular. Then someone posted a fix for the looping log in issue:

    It worked! Then I decided to start testing the sites. (Main site + 2). Added a post w/image — no image. I can see it was uploaded and all the file permissions are ok — just can’t see the picture.

    Of course I’d like to solve that issue. More importantly I’d like to feel confident that everything is set up correctly. Just because things *seem* to work does it mean it’s right?

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    Well… that other problem really isn’t fixed ‘right.’

    See, WordPress multisite is a picky little thang, and it really wants you to run it out of where the base install is. So if you want sites to look like this:

    Then you install WP here:

    And use subdomains.

    So we need a little more information here 🙂

    What’s your setup? Subdomains or sub-sub-domains or subfolders?

    Can you give us your real URLs?

    What’s the error? A 404, an image with a red X?

    What’s in your .htaccess?

    Is allowoverride set to all in your httpd.conf file?

    I just knew you were going to want more info 🙂


    Subdomains, wildcard DNS at Hostgator
    main site
    sudomains (site id 5) (site id 6)

    image with redx

    I was having a 404 problem early on then it went away.

    Is allowoverride set to all in your httpd.conf file?

    I do not know and I flagged another thread where you brought this up and was waiting on that answer 🙂

    fyi – had a heckuva time getting the first one, set up working and then mapped. after I got the fix for the looping login and added globalfocals — piece of cake in terms of mapping and accessing. then I thought better start to work these things to see if they really work! and encountered this image problem.

    and — true confessions — since I had pretty much decided before this that I was going to go back to regular WP I was rather indiscriminate about “things” I was changing. That’s why I’m hoping there is some kind of checklist I can run through from begining to end for how it should be.

    and another thing — SSL certificates. There is supposed to be one installed can all the sites on the network use it?? …maybe what I ought to do is read your book! 🙂

    ok — trying to be a little more scientific about this to see if it well help figure out what I’m doing wrong:

    1. changed DNS to host’s DNS
    2. Parked the Domain
    3. Typed in and it went to:
    4. Logged into network and added site to network
    now goes to
    5. Settings: Domain — mapped the domain to — works
    6. Site Settings: Info – change url from to
    7. Changed Permalink settings to just postname

    File upload path is : wp-content/blogs.dir/7/files
    File upload URL is

    things that may or may not be relevant:

    * I’ve only parked domains — did not create add-ons. (I think I did that on the first go around and then removed it becuase of 404 errors….)
    *in public_html, where WPMS is installed, there is also an additional directory named oldfocals (nothing in it)
    * in wp-content/blogs.dir there are the 2 folders for the last domains I set up I’m not seeing one for the first one

    ok — I sure hope there is something in all that that is useful and of course is a super easy fix 🙂

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    Okay, the httpd.conf you gotta ask your webhost if you don’t know. But the majority of the time, that’s why you get the red X in images on subsites.

    Start there.

    Also did this work before you mapped domains? I’m guessing not, and that’s ‘good’ in that it really points to httpd.conf 🙂

    6. Site Settings: Info – change url from to

    Ow. Okay you should be using the domain mapping plugin –

    yes, mapped domains using the plugin.

    here’s the thing…’s amazing what happens when you forget the DOT on your .htaccess file … add it in et voila everything seems to work! so, I’m a little embarrassed by that but VERY happy I can get on with the project 🙂

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