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  • I’ve tried in both WP normal and WPmu so I don’t think this is an mu problem. Also this site is my root site. I’m using a theme (fotofolio) that uses timthumb.php. The code calling the image is:

    <img src="<? bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>scripts/timthumb.php?src=<? echo $image; ?>&w=70&h=70&zc=1" />

    The resulting page source I get from my site is:

    <img src="" />

    Could this be a problem with WordPress 3.0.3?

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  • I had a theme that use timthumbs that wouldn’t show thumbnails. Adding Generate Post Thumbnails worked.

    I attempted that but no change. Has anybody ever heard of it just not returning an image source after /timthumb.php?src= ?

    You seem to be failing to connect with the timthumb script.
    try adding / before scripts/timthumb.php?,
    as such:
    and check that the file is there.

    I changed the <? echo $image; ?> to a new code and now its pulling the image source. Images are still not displaying so that must be an issue with timthumb which I will now attempt to fix. Thanks for your suggestions and any help with the timthumb issue will not be overlooked. My site is

    I am experiencing this issue as well after manual update to wp 303 after failure of autoupdate

    when I click on add image icon and do search the names of images appear but without tiny thumbnail and click on SHOW fails.

    I am able to go to media menu and see images there.

    I am also experiencing problem on WIDGET page where the drop down menu does not work nor can I drag widgets from left hand to either sidebar

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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