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    HI, I’m using the testimonials widget on a site that I’m working on to display staff profiles. When I show just one testimonial in a widget using the shortcode the image displays.

    However, I would like to have a widget with rotating “testimonials”. I have set this up by dragging the widget across to a sidebar and the images are not showing.

    On this page I have the shortcode widget at the top and the rotating widget at the bottom.

    Home Page

    How can I get the images to show? I’m sure they were showing a few edits ago but now I can’t get them to work. I’m using thesis.

    Many thanks

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  • Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Your first widget area seems to be using a shortcode with ids, that appears fine. Then your second widget appears to be using the testimonials widget. Is that correct?

    Is it possible you’re accidentally checked “Hide image?” in the widget options for the second testimonials section?

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Could you also let me know what release you’re using?

    I just pushed up 2.4.1, but that’s for a bug fix related to widgets always being random.

    Hi there, I’m running Thesis 1.8 at the moment.

    I just updated your plug-in to the latest version – there was an update waiting but nothing has made any difference…

    Hide image is not checked and I’ve tried checking it and unchecking it, deleting the widget and then putting it back. Disabling plugins and re-enabling them all to no avail…


    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Could you please create an admin account for on WordPress to debug through?

    See the readme for the support email.

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Never mind, I found the problem. Please update to release 2.4.2.

    Thank you for your patience while I sorted this out.

    You do know that you can put images into the feature image box and then set the image size on single pages to be larger or use your theme to display featured images in whatever size you want and then turn off images for the single page.

    Thank you! That is great! It works now.

    Not 100% sure exactly what you mean about images, I will have to have a look. I think I will have to get my head round it as I do want to size the image so that it is a bit smaller and lines up better with the text that is displayed in the widget. I also want to get more white space to the top and right.

    However, what I wanted to do was use the image to click through to read the full profile. As I understand it the read more option isn’t available yet (or this might be the pro version and I need to make sure my customer is happy with the way it works first. This was a way I had thought of getting round it.

    At the moment though the read more is outside of the border. Do you know how I could get this inside the border so that it is obvious that it means read more of the profile?

    thanks for your speedy reply on a Sunday, much appreciated!

    One thing I’ve just noticed, the click here to read more sometimes goes over to the “next page”. So it doesn’t show when the testimonial is showing but then appears on its own. Can I stop it doing that?

    I’m sorry to bombard you with queries. I’m now having trouble with a couple of other things.

    I’ve placed another widget underneath the testimonial widget but the testimonials widget appears behind it sometimes.

    I’ve tried messing around with the maximum height and limit text to xxx characters to see if I can get it to display a uniform size but it won’t. Sometimes it displays the extra text sometimes it doesn’t and I don’t seem to be able to contain the size. I would like it to be a similar size to the height of my menu boxes so that it aligns in some way but it doesn’t seem to work.

    I’ve also sent an email about upgrading to the pro version as the buttons to upgrade aren’t working properly.

    sorry to be a pain!!!

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon



    You’re not a pain. You’re helping me understand how people use the plugin better and to know how to better document things.

    For “use the image to click through”, I suggest using the testimonials_widget_data filter to process testimonials data before display. Check out FAQ 3 for the basic PHP code. Once you have the premium add-on, you can look in that for the code to use for creating the link to wrap around the image.

    For the widget “click here to read more”, I’m pushing out release 2.4.3 shortly that’ll move that text into each of the testimonials so that placement to each testimonial is consistent and upon rotation doesn’t get hidden.

    Thanks to you FAQ 41 has been created.

    = 41. How do I make my widget height consistent and not overlapping? =
    In short, set min-height and max-height options to be the same.

    Why? Because testimonial lengths differ and there might be an image or not, the normal CSS height property fails for our dynamic rotations.

    Could you please better describe what you mean by “upgrading to the pro version as the buttons to upgrade aren’t working properly”?

    Lastly, thank you for the donation, I’ve replied to your PayPal address with the premium add-on code.


    Thanks Michael,

    Glad my queries have helped!

    I’ve installed the pro version and am trying to follow FAQ 41 but the full testimonial is still showing and overlapping the widget below it even when I set both of the parameters the same. I can see that it is changing the height by where the overlapping widget falls but I can still see the text and therefore the read more part is not showing.

    Is it also possible to add some padding above he top of the image in the widget so that my border doesn’t touch it?

    What I mean about the Paypal issue is that when you go to get the pro version, it gives you options to donate. When I tried it the only option that would work was for $100

    I tried selecting other amounts but each time it defaulted to $100. It might put people off upgrading!

    Many thanks!

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon



    1. Were you trying to do the donation via the sidebar? I just tried it via Safari and had what I think is the same issue. If you notice when clicking on another dollar amount on the sidebar donation location, if you’re on the premium post post, the donation selection on that post changes than the sidebar.

    I’ll definitely have to figure something out on that.

    2. Okay, in debugging your testimonials, it seems that your char_limit is too high for that limited area. Try setting it to somewhere around 250 to 260. Now, with the premium add-on activated, the read more links will activate.

    Good luck!


    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    For the image top margin, try something like the following.

    .widget .testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_image img {
    margin-top: 1em;

    Many thanks. I’ve played around and I think I have it looking ok now. Thanks for your help.

    I cant’ use the read more feature because I wanted it to link through to a blog category and post but I’ve managed to achieve a reasonable result which I hope they will like!

    Take care


    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon



    Do you think a premium feature of an optional read more link alternative would be helpful?


    Hi there, that might be useful although my issue was that I didn’t want to use it for testimonials and when you click through the URL shows testimonials which I didn’t want. I’d like to be able to use the read more to go through to the post but to be able to remove “testimonials”. I can see it would work great for that but might be more flexible to be able to use it for other things. I hope that makes sense?

    I can imagine using it for quotes, profiles, tips and things like that. So any flexibility to edit that URL would be what I’d prefer!

    Thanks again for the help!

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